10 things I’ve done

Dr. Steph had this meme on her blog today, and it looked like fun.  Ten things I’ve done that others likely haven’t.  Well, this should be easy since I tend to be a freak unusual different.  Will I be able to stop at 10?

1.  I was salutatorian of my high school graduating class.

2.  I used to work as a jewelry designer in a bead store.  A customer received a compliment on a necklace I had made from the queen of Sweden.

3.  I used to sell some of my jewelry in art galleries.

4.  I have only ever gone on a diet once in my life.  (Of course I gained all the weight back and more.  That part isn’t unusual.)

5.  I have lost 80 pounds through lifestyle changes, i.e., not dieting, and kept the weight off for over nine years.

6.  I quit eating mammals and fish about 20 years ago, then became vegetarian about 9 years ago, and have gradually cut out more and more animal products since then.  I’m now about 99.9% vegan.  The only animal products I consume are honey in my tea, and whatever is in a piece of birthday cake if someone hands me one.

7.  I quit drinking pop years ago.

8.  I quit driving a car for environmental reasons.  I have not driven since October 27, 2002, and I don’t intend to drive again.

9.  My first knitting project was a sweater from Vogue Knitting.  (I didn’t know any other knitters to tell me most people start with a scarf or hat or something like that.)

10.  I figured after I had knit a sweater I knew how to knit and didn’t need patterns anymore, so I designed my second sweater myself.  (see #9)

I could actually keep going — there are a lot of other not so usual things about me — but I’m up to ten, so I’ll stop.   

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