12 million things to do

I have three shows this month, including one I’m leaving for tomorrow morning. I may be a bit tightly wound right now. It seems that no matter how much I do, there are still 12 million things I still have to do. While on the face of it this doesn’t seem possible, I attribute it to the concept of significant figures. If I start with 12,000,000 things to do and do 19 things, there are 11,999,981 things remaining to be done, but 11,999,981 has 8 significant figures. 12,000,000 may have had 8 significant figures, or it may have only had 2. It probably only had 2. I can’t add more significant figures than I started with. So 11,999,981 becomes…12,000,000. Two significant figures.

No wonder why I feel like I’ll never be finished.


Tomorrow morning I’m leaving for the Crooked River Fiber Fling in Peninsula, Ohio (near Cleveland). I’ll be in the Boston Township Hall at 1775 Main Street Saturday and Sunday 10-5. It’s air conditioned.

I’ve been dyeing my ass off so even if you’ve been to my booth before, come again because there’s a lot of new stuff. Also I have undyed Polwarth top now. It is sooo soft.

Now back to my 12 million things because they’re not doing themselves.