15 minutes

Today I’m playing catch up!

Thing 1 I’ve been meaning to tell you:

There was an article about me in the Detroit News Homestyle section, “Fiber artist takes dyeing skills to whole new level,” this past Friday. You can read it online here. That link will stop working at some point, so I’ve archived it here.

Thing 2 I’ve been meaning to tell you, or rather thing I’ve been meaning to finish so I can tell you about it:

I’ve put the last three sock kits up in the store. This completes the set of eight kits with patterns based on the characters in Grounded: The Seven, book 1 by Heather Ordover and the yarn to knit them.

Want to see the last three kits?

Yeah, I thought so.

This is Mina’s Protective Socks.

Mina's protective socks

Casey’s Solitary Socks.

Casey's solitary socks

And the grand finale, Rosie’s NightSwimming Socks!

Rosie's nightswimming socks