46 for 46

  1. Today is my 46th birthday.
  2. I decided to tell you 46 random things in honor of my 46th birthday.
  3. If you go to Zingerman’s on your birthday, you can get 6 free bagels.
  4. Their bagels are delicious.
  5. I’m eating my third bagel today.
  6. That makes me feel kind of like a pig, but I only have one birthday a year, so I can be a pig if I want to.
  7. Bagels with seeds are messy.
  8. I think the “George’s Gorgeous Jammin’ Berry” bagels are my favorite.
  9. I might just get 6 of those next year instead of getting a variety.
  10. I’m signed up to do a lot of fiber festivals this year, and I’m still waiting to hear back from some I applied for.
  11. The first one is in less than a month.
  12. I have a lot to do before then.
  13. I have more stuff to fit into the same 10’x10′ space.
  14. This requires some rethinking on how I display some things.
  15. Unless someone has a tardis they can lend me.
  16. I rescheduled some of my classes because they were scheduled for when we’d be somewhere else, which is impossible, or for the night before leaving, which is insane.
  17. If there was a class you wanted to take but the time didn’t work for you, check out the schedule. It may work now.
  18. Daffodils are coming up in my garden!
  19. Hellebores too!
  20. Snowdrops are actually blooming!
  21. I saw chipmunks chasing each other around last week!
  22. It’s spring! It’s spring! It’s spring!
  23. (Yes, not astronomically, not yet. I know. But plants and animals say it is, and I’m not going to argue.)
  24. Also, my rabbits are shedding like they’ve found someone to buy their hair and pay them in papaya.
  25. My hands are cold.
  26. It may be warmer outside than it is in my house.
  27. I must have tea.
  28. My tea kettle is copper and brass and really old.
  29. I inherited it from my grandma.
  30. I’m really looking forward to getting my personal assistant.
  31. I keep thinking of more things an assistant could do.
  32. I need to move my kilim down to my studio where certain rabbits won’t eat it.
  33. My studio is in total chaos.
  34. It used to seem so big.
  35. Now, it’s not that the studio per se is too small, but that I don’t have enough storage space.
  36. Holy crap, I have a lot of wool.
  37. Since I’m doing two or three shows some months, I figure I won’t have a lot of time to dye more stuff between shows and I should do as much as I can now.
  38. It’s a very large amount.
  39. I wonder if it’s enough?
  40. Tea is ready.
  41. I love Tetley decaf tea.
  42. And stevia. Love the stevia.
  43. I still haven’t decided where to eat dinner tonight for my birthday.
  44. I’ve narrowed it down to Seva, Silvio’s Organic Pizza, Palm Palace, and Raja Rani.
  45. This is a good town to be vegan.
  46. The stereotype of the skinny vegan? Not so much.

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  1. jim

    happy birthday

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