A bit of clarification…

Well. I learned a lot from my last survey. First, there is overwhelming support for the project. Thank you! Second, many of you have no clue what Indiegogo is. Oops, my bad! I should have explained that!

Indiegogo is a crowdsourcing platform where people can create a campaign to raise funds for a particular project. Contributors can choose from various “perks” depending on their contribution amount. I’m proposing having locally grown wool from Washtenaw County, Michigan, from a spinner’s flock (bred and maintained for wool quality), in a mix of Bluefaced Leicester, Border Leicester, and crossbreeds thereof, processed into millspun yarn and combed top at a mill in Michigan. In the project I’m proposing, the perks would be the yarn and/or fiber from the project, which I would dye, and some cases spin. By funding the project, you would essentially be pre-ordering yarn and/or fiber.

How many varieties I can have processed, e.g., 100% wool, wool/alpaca blend, wool/silk blend, wool/nylon blend, will depend on how much money I raise. Which varieties I choose will depend on the feedback I get from you.

In the last survey, some people had technical problems with the ranking, and there was also some confusion with a couple of the questions where the results seemed to contradict each other, so I’ve created another survey, shorter than the last one, but hopefully not having the technical problems, and hopefully yielding clearer answers for me.

I hope you’ll take a minute to answer these brief questions. Thank you so much!

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