A New Year

I realized today that my plan to have a vegan diet except for the honey in my tea and whatever was in a piece of birthday cake someone handed me just wasn't going to work.  I'd been feeling kind of hypocritical about it lately anyway, even though it's not like I planned on going to the store and buying birthday cakes just so I could scarf them down or crashing strangers' birthday parties just so I could have a piece of cake.

I had just realized how arbitrary it was.  No dairy or eggs at all, except birthday cake?  Well, what if someone has birthday pie?  What about graduation cake or anniversary cake?  What's so special about birthdays? I realized today I had to just say no eggs or dairy at all period.  Why today?  It's Chinese New Year.

I have a lot of Chinese coworkers, so they make quite a festive spread. It's the most important holiday of the year.  They brought in a lot of food.

One of my closest friends brought some, well, I don't know what you call them, but she made them by hand, and brought them to my office, and said, "You eat egg, right?"  (She knew I was a vegetarian, and I told her when I stopped eating dairy.  I can't remember if I ever mentioned anything about eggs because I had stopped using them myself years ago.  I had just made the decision not to eat foods other people had made with eggs.)  I shook my head slowly and said no.

She was surprised and disappointed, I could tell.  "Not even a little bit? Not at all?"  I shook my head sadly.  I was sad!  Sad that I had to disappoint her.  And sad that I couldn't eat her food, because I know she's a really good cook!  And I realized as I was shaking my head that I could never eat birthday cake again.

As long as I never eat eggs again, I think she'll forgive me as her eccentric American friend with the weird diet she doesn't really understand.  But if I refuse to eat her special food she hand made for the most important day of the year because it has eggs and then later I eat someone else's store-bought cake which has eggs?  No, that's unforgiveable.  I wouldn't forgive myself, let alone expect anyone else to.

So when the hell are stores going to start selling vegan birthday cakes? Flaxseeds and soymilk, people.  Get with it.  Just because I know what substitutions to make doesn't mean I feel like doing the work.

Um, if there's some store that actually does sell vegan cake, please tell me, because after all this yammering on about cake…well, you know.

By the way, green tea crackers are yummy.  They don't taste at all like green tea to me, but they're good.


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  1. Joe

    I can understand not wanting to support factory farming and deplorble conditions on America’s dairy farms and in the warehouses where most hens re kept. Do you make allowances, though, for non-exploitative animal farming practices? I know several growers who have truly “free range” chickens (though not everything with that label is animal-friendly). You can also find farmers who raise cattle in animal-friendly environments. It’s expensive avoiding factory farms and their products, but it can be done. Why avoid all animal products – after all, a chicken will lay an egg whether I eat it or not. And if that egg’s not fertilized, it’ll just rot in nature. At least I’m making the most of the situation by eating it.

  2. Anne

    I don’t know about vegan cake but Whole Foods used to sell vegan chocolate chip cookies.

  3. TJ

    If you’re ever in Philadelphia, you can pick up some vegan cakes (and “cheesesteaks”) at Gianna’s Grille and Bakery.

  4. Jim Snyder

    read http://www.arthurdevany.com/?cat=11 for some healthful advice

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