A Plethora of Pics

I have a bad habit of taking pictures and then never getting around to posting them. So, today I present a backlog of photographs from the last few weeks.

When we did the Wine & Wool Festival at Sandhill Crane Vineyards, I learned that one of the cool things about outdoor shows is dragonflies visiting my booth. This one posed long enough to let me take its picture.

Here’s a closeup. Isn’t that a gorgeous green?

It even stayed there long enough for me to walk around to the other side of the gridwall to get this artsy backlit shot. This dragonfly has a future in modeling, I think.

This guy isn’t a dragonfly, but he’s pretty cute. Sweet too.

Later in the week I was in bed with a migraine and my phone so I took a self portrait. I look a lot better when I don’t have a migraine.

This past weekend at the Crooked River Fiber Fling (which was actually closer to Akron than to Cleveland), we were talking about local restaurants with one of the organizers. When she found out we were vegan she said we had to go to Chrissie Hynde’s restaurant, Vegiterranean. I had actually read about it at some point but had completely forgotten about it. The idea of a completely vegan restaurant totally rocked as much as Chrissie Hynde does, so yeah, I totally wanted to go there! So Saturday night we did.

Only it turned out that there was a 3 1/2 hour wait since we didn’t have reservations, unless we wanted to sit at the bar. Um. Never mind.

But as we were leaving I spied something large and shiny across the street. A sculpture. A large fish. A large metal catfish sculpture. Cool!

On the way home Sunday night we stopped at a rest area, and there was a sign that said “Scenic Overlook.” Well, you know we had to check that out. So after a short walk through a beautiful forest with huge bizarre insects that seemed to hover in front of us and then vanish, we reached a cliff along the side of a river.

Yes, I was standing behind a fence. No, I’m not really sure where this was. I was asleep until the van stopped at the rest area, so all I can really tell you is we were somewhere between Cleveland and Toledo, and obviously this was before we got close to the lakeshore where it’s all flat. And we didn’t take the toll road. So…you’re on your own.

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  1. Marcy

    I try to like dragonflies, but they kinda creep me out. Nice to see you’re going to so many shows!

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