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Yep, I still exist.  I’ve just been busy with stuff and having a bunch of migraines so I haven’t felt like blogging.  I still need to photograph the handspun and get that up on the shop site, but I just haven’t been up to it.  Hopefully within the next week.  I wanted to share this video with you though.  Watch it.  It’s quite good. 

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  1. Tom Frost Jr.

    Hmmm; I was unable – as always with this decade-old-and-proudly-kept-out-of-the-landfill computer – to see the video; but, from reading some of the comments there, it sounds like somebody _else_ with a proudly-decade-old computer _could_ see the video and that _their_ software/hardware was of a Steven Jobs, rather than a Bill Gates, variety.
    That checks with something that our cycling-faster-than-you-or-me buddy told me, namely about how if I want to maximize my ability, for _more_ than one decade at a time, to refuse to replace my computers with the latest yuppie-scum version, then the next one that I get should be a Mac, because apparently, if I’d gotten a Mac in the first place, I’d still be able to do stuff with it.
    I feel vindicated now for having always bashed “the Bill Gateses of the world” (as what I thought, until now, was my oversimplification for _all_ computer geeks). It looks like I wasn’t oversimplifying after all.

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