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Read what other people are saying about Happy Fuzzy Yarn!

“Fantastic for socks, colour changes are beautiful”  — Knitty Yarn Roundtable

“Dreamy and luscious”  –  Knittyspin Fiber Fiesta

“Riin Gill’s colorways got me so excited at Yarn Con Chicago that I not only purchased a skein of this yarn, but wound it on my knee and started a shawl on the bus ride home.” — Jaala Spiro, Knitcircus

“This hank of sock yarn has got to be the prettiest one that I have ever purchased before! The colors within are so exquisite! So soft, too! Very prompt shipping, as well.” — Lise G.

“Your booth has been the highlight of several festivals I’ve attended.” — Heather

“Can’t wait to make a shawl with my Happy Fuzzy Yarn! So personable and fun! Booth was beautifully arranged and I love the name of Happy Fuzzy Yarn.” — DD

“Even during a show, you manage to be welcoming and helpful. I feel like so many hand-dyers grab onto fads and look to the same places for inspiration. I like your booth because it feels so different than the others. Thanks!” Abby M.

“Love your colorways and fiber choices. Just made my first purchases at YarnCon last fall and look forward to more in the future.” — Lindy S.

“Love the bright happy colors, as well as your base yarn.” — Artie M.

“You have a beautiful sense of color. I’m definitely going to be looking for you at Rhinebeck or next year’s VKLive. Can’t wait to use your yarn!” — Ruth G.

“The colors are wonderful – they drew me into your booth like a moth to the flame!” — Lea V.

“The colors of your fibers are wonderful! I recommended them to my local yarn shop and they now carry your yarn.” — Amy

“Met at Vogue Knitting Live in NYC!! OMG, I was like a kid in a candy store!! The colors!!! The colors!! Wish I lived close by..I would probably camp out where you live just to be surrounded by all the beautiful yarn. Truly amazing!!” — Diana M.

“Most vibrant and well-made handspun/dyed yarn at 2011 Stitches Midwest! (And I went to every vendor!) Keep up the great work! Beautiful stuff!” — Keri K.

“Beautiful yarn, the roving presented at VK live has inspired me to try spinning and felting.” — LaVerne

“Still drooling over it.” — Adele M.

“I love your fiber top and your yarns. Your yarns are exquisite! I’m glad I found your site.” — Doug D.

“Love all the colours and textures, it’s bliss!” — Nancy D.

“Everyone should be in Fiber Club! The club fee is reasonable and the fiber sent to your mailbox is very high quality! Great gift for Christmas, Birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day…” — Sonya A.

“Thank you for making a red yarn that doesn’t bleed excessively. I was starting to think there wasn’t such a thing, and then I just used My 6th Grade Shoes for a Vlad, and not only did the yarn not stain my hands red, it only tinted the soak water a little bit. I’ve had other red yarns stain my hands and stitch markers, as well as the towels I block on, and bleed quite a bit in the soak water. So thank you for setting your dyes properly, or rinsing well, or whatever it is that you do to make the dye stay in the yarn. I appreciate it.” — Heather