Actual Knitting Content! With Photos!

Lest you think I've decided to write about everything but knitting, or write about knitting but never show you any pictures of it, I actually got around to taking some photos today.  I know, it's shocking.  But I figured I'd better give you some photographic proof or you might not believe I've actually been doing anything.

So, first up, I finally finished my Hypotenuse scarf, and I'm blocking that on the carpeted half of the basement floor (the basement is divided into two rooms, one finished and one not).

Blocking scarf

Now that the scarf is finished I've gone back to the never-ending sweater, i.e., the one that was in a time out for being naughty while I was knitting the scarf.  (The bastard sleeves that I knit about 12,000 times told me they were finally right and then said, "Ha ha ha!  No, we were just kidding!  We're really too short!"   Wouldn't you put a sweater in a time out after a stunt like that?)

So when I finally had a day without a migraine so I could do math I figured out the details of what I needed to do.  See the safety pins?

Sleeve comparison

The sleeve on the left is the before sleeve.  Both sleeves were like that.  From the shoulders down to the safety pins, the two sleeves are the same.  But the sleeves were two short and two tight around the wrist, especially if I raised my arms, or if I had a heavier shirt on underneath the sweater.  So I decided the sleeve needed to be 1 1/2 inches longer, and the cuff ribbing needed 4 more stitches.  That meant frogging back to the safety pin and reknitting, but decreasing at a slower rate for more rows.

Now that I've done it with the right sleeve and tried it on and made sure it's actually right, I can go back and do it with the left sleeve.

Almost done sweater

And because I'm sure someone is wondering what the back looks like…

Sweater back

Yeah, it's kind of big for me, but I started knitting it when I was 30 pounds heavier.  All my other sweaters are even bigger, so this will actually be my best fitting sweater.  I'm really looking forward to being finished with it because a) I'm pretty sick of working on it after this long, and b) I'm looking forward to starting another sweater!  But I will say I do like this one, and it's nice and warm!

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  1. Marcy

    Ooh, corrugated ribbing. I love corrugated ribbing. And the part of the sweater below the yoke, was that knit sideways?

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