Am I coming or going?

The Indiana Fiber and Music Festival was a lot of fun, despite my barely being alive still recovering from pneumonia. Highlights from the trip included:

These flowers at a rest area in Kentucky on the way down. What are these? I don’t think we have these in Michigan.

rest area flowers

One of my customers came just to see me and came straight to my booth when she got to the festival. Gratifying.

I petted a llama on the back of the neck and it turned its head toward me and noozled my cheek and neck. Oh! Llama love!

Dessert at Sweet Surrender in Louisville. Best vegan apple pie EVER. Go there! You will be so happy you did!

Sleeping 12 hours Saturday night. What? That’s not a highlight? Ok, fair enough. It’s how I got through Sunday though.

I’ve been sleeping a buttload since I got home too, since we’re leaving Friday morning to go to southwestern Pennsylvania for the Waynesburg Sheep and Fiber Festival. If you’re in the area come say hi. I’ll be the purple haired chick who smells like cough drops. Oh, and I’ll have lots of yarn and fiber and stuff too. Really pretty awesome stuff when I stop to think about it.



  1. Babeth Raible

    I had some of those flowers, were called “Red Hot Pokers” or “Torch Lily” or Kniphofia uvaria. Kind of like day lilies with attitude. 🙂

  2. Karen Vradelis

    They’re Kniphofia/Red Hot Pokers – you can start from seed or buy plants (they’re perennial). They seem to take neglect well (my dear hubby has accidentally weed-whacked it several times – he’s not very good at telling the difference between overgrown grass and plants (city boy)) and tolerate clay soil very well (started the plants when we lived in NW Ohio – brought one with me when we moved to N. Carolina). They come in all kinds of colors but I like the red to yellow colors best.

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