An abundance of awesomeness

This week is full of awesome things. Let’s play show & tell!

Thing the first. Look what I got in the mail this week.

Pretty exciting for me to see my tote bag in a national magazine!

Thing the second. I’m going to Vogue Knitting Live!

Vogue Knitting Live!

I was waitlisted, but they added more vendor spaces, so I’m in! I’m dyeing up a ton of yarn in preparation. Um…actually, it’s quite a bit more than a ton if my calculations are correct. That’s mind-boggling. Spinning a lot too. I’ve got eight Doctor Who DVDs from the library to watch while I spin. Life is good.

Thing the third. The new issue of Knitcircus came out and it has a review of my yarn on page 8.

Thing the fourth. Well, this one is kind of embarrassing because it involves me being an idiot. Well, ok, a fallible human being. But I hate being fallible. I found out that the worsted weight yarn I’ve been selling for a couple of years that I thought was bluefaced leicester isn’t. I think I initially meant to order a different base yarn and accidentally ordered the wrong one, and then just kept reordering the same thing. If you bought some of the mislabeled yarn, I’m really sorry for the mixup!

So I decided that rather than continue ordering the same thing or ordering the one I initially meant to, which would cost a lot more, I’d look around. And I found a really nice worsted made in the US from US wool, and it’s already in skeins. They’re 100g skeins, rather than the 4oz skeins I’ve been selling (and winding!), so I’ll be able to sell them for a little bit less (not sure how much yet). My order arrived today, and they’re even softer than the sample I had! The first 10 skeins are soaking in preparation for dyeing.

Thing the fifth. I did a shop update a few days ago, adding the last of the old worsted weight yarn except for one more colorway that I still have to photograph, as well as some more fingering and sport weights.

I thought I had more things to share, but my mind is drawing a blank, so I think it’s time to start a dyebath and then go watch Doctor Who and spin.



  1. Ann

    Way to go Riin!

  2. Lindsie

    I got the mag in my xmas stocking and saw this. Just bought one! Hilarious! I often commute by train and get these questions regularly!

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