New pattern: Starry Night Socks

Starry Night SocksLoosely based on Vincent van Gogh’s painting “The Starry Night,” Starry Night Socks is a sock pattern using Happy Fuzzy Yarn Corrie Sock in two colors (Cobalt and Vincent) and size 2 needles.

It uses stranded knitting (fair isle type knitting) and includes a color chart to work from. Written for a women’s medium.

PDF $6.50

(This is our first pattern in our easier to read format. We will be going back and revising all our patterns one by one, and we have new patterns coming soon. I hope you like the new format!)


SPINZILLA is coming!


Spinzilla is coming, and yes, Happy Fuzzy Yarn has a team!

What does this mean? If you’re a spinner, it means you can join our team, get discounts on HFY fiber, spin as much yarn as you can, support a program that teaches kids about spinning and other fibery goodness, see everyone else’s spinning, and win prizes!

Sound good?

The details:

  • You can register August 4- September 22.
  • Spin time is from 12:01am Monday, October 6 to 12:01am Sunday, October 12, regardless of your time zone.
  • The cost to participate is $10, which goes to the Needle Arts Mentoring Program.
  • Everyone on the HFY team will receive a coupon code for 25% off all fiber, valid from the time you sign up through October 31.
  • When spin time ends, everyone will measure their yardage (more on that later) and submit photos. The team with the most yardage spun is the winning team. Everyone on the winning team will get a $25 gift certificate from one of the prize donors (HFY is donating 8 gift certificates). All participants will be entered into random drawings for gift certificates.
  • For more details, see the FAQ.

Spinners, are you excited? Put it on your calendar!




Save 25% on Local Wool Project Yarn & Fiber

There are some new yarns I would really like to add to my line, but before I can add anything, I really need to free up some space. So everything from the Local Wool Project is 25% off. No coupon needed. The prices are already marked down. The yarn is 75% Washtenaw County wool/25% Michigan alpaca.

local wool project july garden

There’s also combed top in the same blend.

wa 36002 azores

And combed top in 100% Washtenaw County wool.

local wool enchanted

Experience locally grown wool and alpaca and save money. Yippee!


18 new colorways

I just wanted to let you know I’ve done a massive shop update. There are 18, count them, eighteen, new yarn colorways!

f 22056 magic carpet cu

This is Corrie Sock in Magic Carpet.

In the next few days I’ll also be adding four new combed top colorways and making some general changes to the website, but I need to rest a bit first! The month of 12 hour days I worked to prepare for TNNA was sort of the equivalent of beating my immune system with a large stick. But hey! At least I didn’t get sick until after TNNA!

TNNA was great, and you’ll start seeing Happy Fuzzy Yarn in a lot more local yarn shops! You’ll also see more patterns designed with Happy Fuzzy Yarn.

This year is going to be good.

Good News, bad news, good news, and good news

Ok! First the good news! Corrie Sock is back in stock! Yay!

Now the bad news. I’ve managed to keep most of my prices steady for a long time, absorbing my rising costs. Yeah, I can’t do that anymore. Not if I want to do frivolous things like pay the mortgage and eat. So I need to raise the prices a few dollars on some things.

But! Good news! I’m giving you a heads up now so you have a chance to order at the old price! Prices will increase two weeks from today, Friday, April 11. Feel free to order as much as you want, including back orders. Even if I can’t get your order dyed till after the price goes up, you’ll still only be paying the old price! (heh, sneaky!)

And more good news! I did some calculating, and I can actually lower the prices on a few things! Woohoo! DK Silk is now $38 per skein, and the Local Wool Project Yarn is $34 per skein. Sweet!

27019 hibiscus cu

This photo doesn’t begin to do the yarn justice. It’s hard to photograph shiny things!

Dyeing like a Crazy Woman

Wow. Well, this has been a crazy month. Actually this whole year has been crazy so far.

I dyed 640 skeins of Corrie Sock for Yarnbox. Actually that started last year. And it was supposed to be 900 skeins, but my supplier was waiting more yarn from their supplier in the UK, and that supplier took longer than they were supposed to. So Yarnbox took the 640 skeins I had dyed plus all the rest of my Corrie Sock inventory.

I finally got more a few weeks ago, and I’ve been dyeing like a madwoman to replenish my stock, to get ready for Fiber Expo this weekend (are you in Ann Arbor? You’re coming, right?), and to dye samples of the new colorways for TNNA.

This is just some of the yarn I’ve been dyeing.


There’s more yarn not in bins yet. A lot more. I’ve got something like 16 or 17 new colorways. Not sure exactly. My head is kind of explode-y. (12 million things to do! Gah!)

As an aside, I’m afraid my dear rabbit Roxanne didn’t make it through her health problems. She died in my arms a few weeks ago. Thank you so much to everyone who helped me pay for her veterinary bills. I remain grateful.

Teeth: a sale

No, I’m not selling teeth. That would be weird. Ew.

I’m writing this because my sweet bunny Roxanne is at the vet recovering from surgery. She had to have some of her teeth trimmed, and several teeth removed because they were infected at the roots. The infection was so bad, it had gone up into her sinus cavity and her eye socket. She had to have her left eye removed a few weeks ago.

I won’t give you any more details. It’s the kind of thing that makes people queasy.

Meanwhile, I just got a temporary crown. I go back next week for the permanent crown. This is my third crown, and I’ll probably need a fourth next year. I grind my teeth, and even though I wear a bite splint, my teeth are wearing away. If I had lived before modern dentistry, I’d probably have to have someone else chew my food for me. Ew.

Anyway. So far this year I’ve spent over $2300 on dentistry and veterinary bills. And that’s probably not the last of it.

Um…a little help?

Since I have more expenses than just dentistry and veterinary bills, I need to make some extra money quick. So I’m having a sale.

Use the coupon code TEETH to get 25% off any purchase of $50 or more, now through February 14. A lot of my stock is low right now, but you can order any of my hand dyed yarn or hand dyed fiber, even if the colorway you want is out of stock, and I will dye it and send it to you when it’s ready. (It will show up as a back order.)

If you’d like to help out, but there’s nothing you want to order right now, consider my karma program. You pay money up front and then receive discounts for a specified period of time, depending on how much money you paid.

And so you can see who you’re helping out, here’s a video of Roxanne (on the left, back when she still had both eyes) and Joey.

15 minutes

Today I’m playing catch up!

Thing 1 I’ve been meaning to tell you:

There was an article about me in the Detroit News Homestyle section, “Fiber artist takes dyeing skills to whole new level,” this past Friday. You can read it online here. That link will stop working at some point, so I’ve archived it here.

Thing 2 I’ve been meaning to tell you, or rather thing I’ve been meaning to finish so I can tell you about it:

I’ve put the last three sock kits up in the store. This completes the set of eight kits with patterns based on the characters in Grounded: The Seven, book 1 by Heather Ordover and the yarn to knit them.

Want to see the last three kits?

Yeah, I thought so.

This is Mina’s Protective Socks.

Mina's protective socks

Casey’s Solitary Socks.

Casey's solitary socks

And the grand finale, Rosie’s NightSwimming Socks!

Rosie's nightswimming socks



Free shawlette pattern!

I have a gift for you! I designed a shawlette and I am giving you the pattern for free!


It uses one skein of my Corrie Sock, or you can use two skeins and keep going if you want a full size shawl. I used the Budgie colorway.

You can download the free pdf here from my shop (easiest if you’re also buying the yarn) or here from Ravelry (easiest if you just want the pattern).


It’s an easy pattern to knit (I knit most of it while I was watching DVDs) as long as you use lots of stitch markers! Put one before each yarn over so your fingers feel when you need to pay attention.

I hope you enjoy the pattern!

An Homage to the Stubborn people

I admit it. I am stubborn. It has its pros and cons. I am determined and I persevere, no? (I’ll just ignore the cons for now. La la la la la…)

So when Heather sent me the pattern for the newest kit, I had to chuckle at the title. Justin’s Stubborn Socks.

6005 stubborn socks cu

Yes, Justin is a stubborn character. But I can’t help but think of these as socks for stubborn people everywhere!

The kit contains the printed pattern in a protective plastic sleeve and one skein of Corrie Sock in Shadow, the colorway used in the pattern.

Do you like the semi-solid colorway? I’m planning to introduce more semi-solids next year. Let me know if there are any colors you’d especially like to see!



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