Anemia is a bitch

I found out why I’m so tired all the time. I’m anemic. I started taking iron supplements about a month ago, and they’ve helped a lot, but I’m still tired. I’ve gone from feeling completely exhausted all of the time (fatigue level: recovering from pneumonia) to feeling kind of ok-ish until I try to do anything requiring physical or mental energy, which means I feel ok for about an hour or so a day, and then feel tired for 4-5 hours (fatigue level: recovering from sleep deprivation), and then have to take a nap (fatigue level: zzzzzz).

What’s especially frustrating is the way my brain just won’t work. I feel like my IQ has dropped 40 points.

There are so many things I want to do and need to do, and they’re just not happening. Anything that is happening is happening in slow motion.

So I’m in limbo, waiting for the iron supplements to finish taking effect.


Anyone dealing with anemia? Any helpful words?



Look Inside a Local Yarn Shop: Criativity Ranch in Largo, Florida

Criativity Ranch in Largo, Florida, is a yarn store (by demand!), owned and operated by Alicia Chivers, a fiber artist and alpaca breeder.

Photo of the exterior of Criativity Ranch

Happy Fuzzy Yarn: What did you do before you opened a yarn store?

Alicia: I was (and still am) an alpaca breeder.

HFY: How did you get into the business of owning a yarn store?

Alicia: We had a farm store with limited amounts of alpaca yarn and mostly alpaca clothing. We sold most of our raw fiber or spun it. We did markets and events surrounded by agriculture. We finally decided to open a brick and mortar store. As more people came in and asked for yarn we quietly expanded. Many of the surrounding LYS closed for various reasons. So, my 1,000 square foot studio became what our customer’s have renamed Yarn Heaven. The front remains mostly alpaca-based clothing, gifts and décor items.

HFY: What is the best part about running a yarn store?

Alicia: Justifying having the largest stash without having to justify to your spouse.

HFY: What is the hardest part about running a yarn store?

Alicia: Never enough time to finish what you start.

HFY: How do you choose which yarns to carry? And then how do you choose which colors?

Alicia: I started to say that we consider our local market and our winter visitors. We like to carry staples and I simply love to support small creative ventures. I am a dyer and spinner so color for me is fun. Then Terri comes in and says, “Don’t lie, you buy everything and in every color.”

HFY: What is the strangest request you’ve had from a customer?

Alicia: We do have a lot of strange customers, but that’s what makes it fun! Strangest request: would you mind if I traded a ball of yarn that I purchased somewhere else? (Really? The color was discontinued several years ago!)

Photo of women sitting around a table knitting at Criativity Ranch

HFY: What is the most popular Happy Fuzzy Yarn colorway with your customers?

Alicia: Anything bright!!!

HFY: Anything else you’d like to share with fans of Happy Fuzzy Yarn?

Alicia: Support small and local!

We agree! Thank you for taking the time to share your story and your shop with us, Alicia!


Beautiful Handknit Shawls

Here are some lovely shawls I saw on Ravelry done up in Happy Fuzzy yarns.

KeKcreates’ Canyon Shawlette

YARN: Merino-Tencel fingering, colorway “Canyon”, 1 skein
PATTERN: Ashton Shawlette by Dee O’Keefe (she’s having a B1G1 sale through the end of July!)
When I was still very new to Happy Fuzzy Yarn, I saw this beautiful shawl on Ravelry and contacted the knitter about sharing her work on our website.  Come to find out, Kristi Ketchum is one of our fabulous sales reps! If you own a yarn shop in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming, get in touch with her and she will help you find great products for your store. You can also find Kristi on Facebook.

Ladymamierose’s Multnomah

YARN: Corrie Sock, colorway “Macaw”, 1 skein
PATTERN: Multnomah by Kate Ray
The yarn for this shawl came to Amanda in her Yarnbox subscription. She tells me that she always gets so many compliments when she wears this shawl — I can believe it! We love how you styled it with that amazing blue sweater and a flower in your hair. Brava!

OrangeSmoothie’s Enchanted Canadian Maple Boomerang

YARN: Superwash Sport, colorway “Enchanted”, 1 skein
OrangeSmoothie was venturing into new territory with this pattern: cable knitting and chart reading.  Her shawl came out so beautiful, who could tell?  On her website, she writes, “The yarn was a pleasure to work with and had great stitch definition — important for cables. Very squishy and warm.”  I agree.  Superwash Sport is one of our most squishable yarn bases.
Please share your Happy Fuzzy Yarn projects on Ravelry and you could be featured on our website too.

Knit a Spring Valley Shawl for Fall

The last of the patterns we debuted at TNNA, Carol Ullmann’s Spring Valley Shawl features a deep lace border along one edge of a large funky striped triangle. Three semi-solid colorways of DK Merino make it scrumptious and soft. it’s like wearing your favorite blanket, only it looks way cooler!

Spring Valley Shawl pattern from Happy Fuzzy YarnSpring Valley Shawl pattern from Happy Fuzzy YarnBuy the PDF now on Ravelry or from our website.





















Cata cata cata cata Caterpillar Girl

Caterpillar Girl, a shawl pattern by yours truly, is our first pattern with our recently introduced Merino Mono. I love its squishy softness and its singles texture, and I wanted to design something that would take advantage of that. A shawl!

Caterpillar Girl shawl pattern at Happy Fuzzy YarnCaterpillar Girl shawl pattern at Happy Fuzzy Yarn

Caterpillar Girl can be worn three ways. You can wear it draped over your shoulders as a traditional triangular shawl, fold it in half and wrap it around your neck twice for a super warm cowl, or drape it over your shoulders and weave the point through the slots at the other end to fasten it. Different looks work better on different body types. Make one for yourself and find out how you like to wear it!

Buy the pattern on Ravelry or on our website.



Pop-up at Knitche

If you’re in Downer’s Grove, IL, pop in for a pop-up at Knitche! You’ll find a large selection of Happy Fuzzy Yarn there through the end of this month. Go say hi to the yarn and take some home!

Happy Fuzzy Yarn pop-up at Knitche

Read more details here.



Heal Thy Soles Sock Pattern by Rachel Russ

Anyone who knits knows that not all socks are created equal. Handknit socks are, of course, the best — made with love, wool, and someone’s bare hands, they embrace your hardworking tootsies like no commercially produced sock ever will.

Heal Thy Soles from Happy Fuzzy YarnKnitwear designer Rachel Russ took it one step further.  While undergoing chemo for breast cancer, Rachel’s feet were very tender and she designed a pair of socks to pamper them.  In the Heal Thy Soles pattern, the fabric of the soles are reversed from normal handknit socks so that the bottom of your feet meet smooth stockinette.

Heal thy Soles

The leg is knit in a stretchy lace that will not constrict and looks elegant.  Knit with durable Corrie Sock yarn, these socks will last and last.  Choose a bright color to cheer, or a neutral to go with everything.

Heal Thy Soles sock pattern is available in the Happy Fuzzy Yarn online shop or on Ravelry.



It’s a Scarf, It’s a Stole…It’s Hypotenuse!

Hypotenuse is a knitting pattern that uses a reversible triangle lace pattern created by Riin Gill.  You can knit the scarf sized version from one skein of slinky Merino Tencel fingering weight yarn, or go big with the two skein stole version.

Hypotenuse stole in CoastalHypotenuse in Colorado River


Our samples, pictured here, were knit up in Colorado River (scarf) and Coastal (stole), both multicolored yarns offered by Happy Fuzzy Yarn.

You can get your copy of Hypotenuse on our website or on Ravelry.

Our Merino Tencel fingering weight yarn is a blend of 50% superwash Merino wool and 50% Tencel, a cellulose fiber that gives this yarn its great drape, shine, and all-weather qualities.  This yarn is very popular with our warm-weather yarn shops and is great for summer knitting.

If your local yarn shop doesn’t carry Happy Fuzzy Yarn, ask them to!  Meanwhile, you can buy yarn for this project online directly from us. If we don’t have the color you want in stock, we will dye it up for you at no additional cost.



Free Fabulous Fingerless Fmitts, er, mitts pattern

Carol Ullmann's Fabulous Fingerless Mitts patternWe have a new pattern available, and this one is free!

Carol Ullmann’s Fabulous Fingerless Mitts are super easy to make and use just one skein of our DK Silk. They would make wonderful holiday gifts! (Yes, it’s only June, but time flies.) But be sure to make yourself a pair first!

You can download the free pdf here.



TNNA recap

All of our colorways in Corrie Sock

All of our colorways in Corrie Sock


I intended to write about TNNA a few days after getting home. Instead I have been so exhausted I’ve been taking naps every day and still haven’t done half the things I was going to. This is what happens when I’m sick for six weeks with two viruses and then just start to recover and work a solid month of 13 hour days to prepare for TNNA.

I was exhausted when I got there. And then there was the show (which I totally could not have done without Penny! Especially Saturday when I was so exhausted I couldn’t speak coherently and just had to leave for a while. Thank you, Penny!) and all the meetings and meet ups (Starship people! Yay!!!) and it was all fun (except for the meeting at the end of one day when everyone was tired from standing all day and they only had about a third as many chairs as people. Seriously? I sat on the floor). But are you familiar with spoon theory? Basically I had one spoon left and I needed about 57.

So I’ve been spending the last three weeks replenishing my spoons. Taking a LOT of naps. Feeling exhausted. And crying at nothing.

Yeah, good times.

So we are planning ahead for next year’s TNNA so there won’t be so much last minute (well, last month) preparation. We’re also thinking about how we can do some things differently so setting up will be a lot less work. And we will definitely have a bigger booth next year. We didn’t have room to put everything out!

This year was the first year of cash and carry, and that went really well. We’ll have more of that next year now that we have a better idea of what to expect.

But! I digress!

We debuted several new colorways at this year’s TNNA, so we are officially up to 92! Several new patterns made their debut, including Trecolori, which Carol told you about a few days ago. We’ll be releasing them one every week or so, so we don’t overwhelm you.

I talked to several designers who are planning to work with our yarn, so watch for some great things coming up!

I took a “Make it Fit” class from Deb Gemmell, and I learned a lot! I would definitely recommend taking a class from her if you have the opportunity!

Our yarn will soon be in its second yarn store in Canada, so we’re on our way to global domination! (Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?)

I’m really looking forward to getting more of my energy back because I have ideas.



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