Thank you and a Sale!

Did you have a good Thanksgiving? I meant to write this yesterday, but I found myself knitting and watching 6 episodes of Game of Thrones, so today will have to do!

Each Thanksgiving I like to take time to reflect on what I’m grateful for. This year, I am grateful for Rob, my customers, my health, and my relative safety. I hope some day all people will be safe.

To express my gratitude for you, my customers, here is a coupon for 20% off everything in the store:





I’ll be taking a few days off, but in stock items will ship next Tuesday or Wednesday. Until then, some Doctor Who DVDs need to be watched and knitting needs to happen.


What’s new?

I thought I should post an update of what’s new around here. First of all, I got enough votes to move to the next round of the Mission Main Street Grants Program. Thanks to all who voted for me! They will announce 20 winners in January, so I just have to wait until then. Keep your fingers crossed!

In the mean time, I looked at what I could afford right now in terms of hiring, and I hired my first paid employee! Meet Carol.


Among the many other things she does, she’ll start posting here soon.

I’m also working on a new scarf design, and we’ve got a couple of new patterns soon to be released (we have to finish our new wholesale catalog first). I’ll probably design some super warm mittens next, because it already feels like January here, and my mittens are inadequate. Necessity is the mother of invention!


It’s Fiber Expo time!

This weekend is Fiber Expo, so if you’re anywhere near Ann Arbor, come on out! There are over 80 vendors, including Happy Fuzzy Yarn. I’ll have some new colorways. This is Neptune.


I’ll also have the yarn I spun during Spinzilla.

all the yarn

And this may be your last chance to pick up some yarn from my Local Wool Project. I’ve dyed the last of the yarn, so that’s it. I’m also giving you a chance to buy some of the undyed combed top from the Local Wool Project, both the wool/alpaca blend and the 100% Washtenaw wool blend.

And after you leave my booth, you can go give neck rubs to my favorite camel, Humphrey!

Hope to see you this weekend at the Washtenaw Farm Council Grounds!


6,652 yards

I spun 6,652 yards during Spinzilla. That’s 3.78 miles.

all the yarn

I spun 5.14 pounds of fiber. Merino, yak, BFL, tussah silk, Polwarth, Falkland, alpaca, Corriedale, Romney, and I’m not even sure what else.

I spun enough yardage to get to Ypsilanti.

No wonder I’m tired.


Spinzilla Day 6

Yesterday was Day 6. I plied two bobbins of the happy happy fun yarn of happiness.

2 full bobbins of happy

It was way past my bedtime by the time I finished, so no post yesterday. This past week has wreaked havoc with my sleep schedule, so next year I won’t try to post photos at night. I’ll wait till the following morning.

Today is the last day of Spinzilla. I won’t even think about trying to take pictures tonight. I’m just going to spin and ply as much as I can before the 11:59pm deadline.

Tomorrow: pictures of everything I’ve spun this week and total yardage spun.


Spinzilla Day 5

I’m still working on the happy happy fun yarn of happiness.

happy happy fun yarn

When the darker bobbin is full, I’ll ply the two together. I’ve got enough fiber to make about 2 pounds of this yarn, and I’ll use it for a sweater for yours truly.

It seems like I used to be able to spin more in a day, and I’m wondering if that’s just nostalgia, or if I really just can’t spin for as long as I used to. I had to stop this evening before I really wanted to because my hand and back both ached. It may be that I used to spin more hours in a day, but not for so many days in a row.


Spinzilla Day 4

Today I finished the Kandinsky merino/yak skein I started yesterday. Stuart was kind enough to hold it for the photo.

Stuart and Kandinsky

In the evening I started spinning the happy happy fun yarn of happiness!

happy yarn in progress


Spinzilla Day 3

Today was Merino/Yak Day.

merino yak day

I spun 2oz of Purple Kale and 2oz of mumble-mumble-something-or-other (I’ll have to look that one up) and plied them together, then spun another 2oz of Kandinsky. Tomorrow I’ll spin the second 2oz of Kandinsky and ply those together. I wanted to finish that skein tonight, but my hand is feeling claw-like, and that spot on my upper back right below my neck is telling me to give it a rest for a while, so that’s enough spinning for today. But the merino/yak is soooo sooooft!


Spinzilla Day 2

anodized and papaya

Today I plied the 8oz of BFL/silk in Anodized I spun yesterday, and spun and plied 4oz of Polwarth in Papaya.


Spinzilla Day 1

This is everything I plan to spin this week.

spinzilla: all the fiber

I got started a bit later than I had planned because laundry expected to be done (ahem. It’s 2014. Where is my robot maid?), but I spun 2 bobbins with 4 oz each of BFL/silk in Anodized. I’ll ply them tomorrow.

2 bobbins bfl-silk



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