Books, new wool, a show, and more

Wow. I’ve got a lot to tell you about! Where to start? Ok, first off, I am very excited to have received my copy of The Complete Guide to Spinning Yarn by Brenda Gibson. Why am I so excited? Because some of my handspun yarn is featured in the book! And they used a photo of my booth too!

Riin with book

Ok, this isn’t the best photo of me, but you try taking a photo of yourself while you’re holding a book open to a page you want to be in the photo. Anyway, the brown/coral yarn in the upper left corner of the page is mine, and there’s another one of my yarns on another page.

This is the first time my yarn has been published in a book, so I’m pretty excited!

I haven’t had a chance to actually start reading it yet because I’ve been reading my friend Tara Swiger‘s new book, Market Yourself, which is launching today. I’m hoping to have her here for an interview soon. She is so smart! She writes about marketing a yarn business or other small creative business in a way that is friendly and makes sense to me and doesn’t make me want to run away screaming, and she’s made me face some Big Questions that I needed to face. She’s good. If you’re a fiberista and sell your stuff or want to, you will definitely want to read Tara’s book.

I’ve also been getting ready to head out of town for the Indiana Fiber and Music Festival. It’s this weekend in Charlestown, Indiana (practically in Kentucky!), so if you’re in the area, I hope you’ll stop by. I had a booth there last year, and it was a fun show. I’m looking forward to being there again.

One thing I’ll have there that’s new (and that I also just added to the shop) is superfine merino combed top. It’s finer than standard merino, so it’s classified as “superfine.” The individual fibers are an average of 19 microns in diameter. It is so soft it’s incredible. This is perfect for a luxurious next to your skin project.

Superfine Merino combed Top Blue Lagoon

I have one other thing I’m selling, but I don’t want to ship it. Since I got my Louet drum carder, I’ve been using it exclusively, so I want to sell my old drum carder, a Mark V. Earth Guild sells them new for $348. Mine is in very good condition. I’ll sell it for $200. You can read the specs here. You could either come pick it up at my Ann Arbor studio, or if you tell me you want to buy it, I can bring it with me to one of my upcoming shows. Here’s the list of where I’ll be! Interested? Let me know.

And finally, the people who do the software I use for my online store released an update so there are finally more options for sharing on social sites. When you’re looking at something you like in my shop, there’s a “Share” link, which, if you hover over it, will make buttons appear so you can share the item on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Yay! So be sure to tell all your friends how much you love me! And tell them how modest I am too!


I think that’s finally everything I had to tell you, so I’m going to eat lunch now. Baked potato with spinach and hummus FTW!