Business = busyness

No, I didn’t forget about you guys.  I’ve been really busy getting stuff ready to send to Susan for the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival, which is next weekend (if you’re in the area, check it out!).  I’ve been dyeing yarn and fiber and making jewelry, and I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped to, but I did get a lot done.  I’m sending the last box off to her tomorrow.

That means I can actually relax for a while and knit!  I’m almost done with my red cobblestone cardigan!  I knit it from the top down so I could get the sleeves the right length.  Both sleeves are done, and I’m down to the garter stitch border at the bottom of the body!  Woo hoo!  I’ll probably finish it today.  Pics when I’m done.

My garden was kind of a bust this year, at least vegetable-wise.  The perennials did great, but the veggies never seemed to realize they were supposed to make food for me.  Never did get any eggplant.  The zucchini are about as thick as one of my fingers, and only about 4 inches long.  I have two tomato plants, one full of green tomatoes that look healthy but show no signs of ripening, and the other one that’s had a flower here and there, but no fruit.  I’ll have to figure out what soil amendments I need for next year.

But the raspberries!  Oh!  The raspberries!  I stood in my garden yesterday and ate so many sweet, juicy raspberries it was gluttonous!  Exquisite!  And there are many more still to ripen.  Oh raspberries, you are divine.

Oh, as far as online-ness (what?  It’s a word!), I’m doing most of my posting on Facebook now, so come on over.  If you’re someone whose name I might not recognize though, let me know when you send the friend request that you’re one of my blog readers.  I ignore requests when I have no idea who the person is.