Cata cata cata cata Caterpillar Girl

Caterpillar Girl, a shawl pattern by yours truly, is our first pattern with our recently introduced Merino Mono. I love its squishy softness and its singles texture, and I wanted to design something that would take advantage of that. A shawl!

Caterpillar Girl shawl pattern at Happy Fuzzy YarnCaterpillar Girl shawl pattern at Happy Fuzzy Yarn

Caterpillar Girl can be worn three ways. You can wear it draped over your shoulders as a traditional triangular shawl, fold it in half and wrap it around your neck twice for a super warm cowl, or drape it over your shoulders and weave the point through the slots at the other end to fasten it. Different looks work better on different body types. Make one for yourself and find out how you like to wear it!

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