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What’s going on with Ken’s site

Long time readers may know that I took over the maintenance of my dear friend Ken Kifer’s website after he was killed by a drunk driver in 2003. Unfortunately if you go to his site now, it isn’t his site. It’s a Japanese WordPress site. I contacted Joe Gardner, who actually takes care of the …

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It’s been 10 years since I’ve driven a car

combed top for fiber expo

Usually in my time-impaired obliviousness, I’m pretty fuzzy about what the date is. I just had a vague idea that it was late October. And I knew Fiber Expo was coming up this weekend, because I’ve been dyeing up a ton of yarn and fiber to get ready. (Here’s some of the fiber I’ve been …

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Cool, cool, and not cool

I fear this blog has been suffering a dearth of photography lately, so here.  My latest addition to the shop.  Tigerella sock yarn.  Sexy lady tiger colors! Cool. Also cool: my dharma name, which was given to me when I took precepts yesterday.  Moram.  It means “a daring person.”  Yes!  I am unstoppable! But…not cool: …

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If it’s Friday this must be Ann Arbor

Ok, that was just the most random title I could think of.  Fitting since I just have random stuff today. Here goes. Random thing one.  I really like this working at home thing.  Yesterday I worked 13 hours, but it didn’t feel like work.  It felt like play.  I’ve been dyeing a ton.  I’d show …

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Punk pin cushion on wheels

So.  I did something I haven’t done for about three years.  Something I wasn’t sure I’d ever do again. I rode my bike. Certainly no big deal to many people, but for me?  I had to really think long and hard about it. I used to ride my bike everywhere, year round.  I even rode …

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Hey, I’m famous!

Well, maybe not.  But I wrote a guest post for Ann Arbor’s getDowntown blog and it was published today.  Check it out! Other than that, I’m kind of too migrained out to write much.  Anyone know how long it should take for a gluten free diet to make the migraines stop if it’s going to?

Use your feet

Blog Action Day 2008

As some of you may remember, I wrote a post for Blog Action Day last year when the theme was the Environment.  That was easy.  I had a lot to say about that.  This year they emailed me to tell me the theme was Poverty.  I had to think a bit.  Did I have something …

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Where do you want to sit?

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend lately.  A young couple will board the bus, the young woman first, followed by her boyfriend.  She will start walking down the aisle, and then when she’s about a quarter of the way down she’ll stop, and turn to him and say, “Where do you want to sit?”  I say …

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How to ride a bus

Ridership on the bus is way up now that gas prices are over $4.00/gallon.  I think it’s great that more people are looking at alternatives to driving.  But since a lot of riders are new to the bus, I thought I’d write a bit about bus culture and how not to offend everyone else on …

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