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An Interview with Riin

Want to read an interview with me? Penny Shima Glanz posted an interview with me on Little Acorn Creations. You can read the interview here.     Speaking of interviews, we’re soon going to start a series of interviews with LYS owners who carry Happy Fuzzy Yarn. Watch this space!  

Dyeing like a Crazy Woman

Wow. Well, this has been a crazy month. Actually this whole year has been crazy so far. I dyed 640 skeins of Corrie Sock for Yarnbox. Actually that started last year. And it was supposed to be 900 skeins, but my supplier was waiting more yarn from their supplier in the UK, and that supplier …

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An old year ends, a new year begins

Yes, I meant to write this post about two weeks ago, but time passed. But time passing is kind of what this post is all about, so hey, it’s appropriate. 2012 was a pretty good year. It was the first full calendar year of my being completely self-employed, and I still have a roof over …

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Happy Solstice!

$100 gift certificate

A Happy Winter Solstice to everyone in the northern hemisphere! And a Happy Summer Solstice to everyone in the southern hemisphere! And…it just occurred to me…what about people who live on the equator? What season is it there? I see I haven’t posted in three weeks. Um, yeah, hi. Time passed. My days have pretty …

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Getting ready for the Great Lakes Art Fair

A sheep, a llama, and a goat walk into a bar. Um. Ok, I don’t have the rest of the joke, just the beginning. If anyone can come up with the rest of the joke, please share in the comments. Anyway, the reason I’ve got a sheep, a llama, and a goat in my head …

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Wondering what it looks like?

drying merino

Wondering what the fiber from yesterday’s dyepot looks like now that’s it’s out of the dyepot? Here it is hanging to dry after the colors have mingled. I like.

What I’m up to

merino in the dyepot

So much for my plan to blog 3 times a week. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to. 1. Dyeing fiber. This is right after adding the dye, before the colors start to mingle. 2. Designing and knitting a hat. I’ll be selling the pattern once it’s finished. Here’s a preview. I actually had the …

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My love/hate relationship with merino wool

wet merino yarn

I love merino wool. It’s so soft. So squooshy. (It is too a word. Shut up.) Merino is wonderful. Except when you’re trying to wash a merino fleece. How on earth can a sheep be so greasy? I’ve mentioned the estate sale I went to in January. The one where I got my knitting machine, …

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Holiday shipping, a coupon and stuff

Gift Certificate

I don’t know how it got to be December 8 already. I’m still trying to figure out how it got to be 2010. Ok, I understand it logically. Time passes. But it still seems really really weird to me that something that happened in 1990 happened 20 years ago. But I digress. If you’re thinking …

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Random, ’cause that’s how I roll

First pair of socks from a sock blank

Ok, I guess it’s time to spill my brain into the blogotron. So, in no particular order: I finished my two-at-a-time toe-up socks from one of my sock blanks. The heel came out a little pointier than I wanted (it fit right when I tried it on right after doing the first heel). Oh well. …

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