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Plan B: Fiberganza! The destash of the decade!

Remember that grant I applied for that would have allowed me to buy a bigger house with a much larger studio space? I didn’t get it. So, I wallowed in self pity for about 3 seconds, and then started forming Plan B. Plan B is making more space in the studio I have. There’s a …

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What would you like to see me demonstrate?

Two bits of wooly interest! Let’s go in chronological order. This first one will interest those in or near Ann Arbor. If you would like to learn how to make felt balls doing wet felting and using Happy Fuzzy Yarn hand dyed combed top, go to the Felt Ball Fun workshop at the Pittsfield branch …

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Getting ready for the Great Lakes Art Fair

iris handspun yarn

A sheep, a llama, and a goat walk into a bar. Um. Ok, I don’t have the rest of the joke, just the beginning. If anyone can come up with the rest of the joke, please share in the comments. Anyway, the reason I’ve got a sheep, a llama, and a goat in my head …

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Leaving in the morning for Woolfest

felted bracelets

Seriously, how can you not love a show with a name like Woolfest? I mean, unless you’re not into wool at all, in which case, why on earth are you reading my blog? If you’re in the Cleveland area, stop by the show this weekend at Lake Metroparks Farmpark in Kirtland, Ohio. Want some pictures …

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Michigan Fiber Fiesta and a new hat

michigan fiber fiesta

Looking for a fibery thing to do this weekend? I’ll be at the Michigan Fiber Fiesta selling my goodies. Come say hi! One thing I’ll have for sale is the hat I just made a few days ago. I started needle felting and this is my first project (and the first pic I’ve taken with …

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