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The Bronchitis Blues

Were you planning to go to Greencastle this coming weekend to come visit my booth? Well, if you were going to see the other nice vendors too, keep your plans. But if you were just coming to see me, I’m afraid I had to cancel. I’ve got bronchitis. And since I’ve got asthma, it hits …

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I hate colds

I try not to be too whiny here, but man, this cold is kicking my ass. This is day 9 of the cold from hell. I thought it was almost over a few days ago, but then yesterday I had a relapse. Either that or cold #1 invited some of its germy friends in to …

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Holiday shipping, a coupon and stuff

Gift Certificate

I don’t know how it got to be December 8 already. I’m still trying to figure out how it got to be 2010. Ok, I understand it logically. Time passes. But it still seems really really weird to me that something that happened in 1990 happened 20 years ago. But I digress. If you’re thinking …

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Cool, cool, and not cool

I fear this blog has been suffering a dearth of photography lately, so here.  My latest addition to the shop.  Tigerella sock yarn.  Sexy lady tiger colors! Cool. Also cool: my dharma name, which was given to me when I took precepts yesterday.  Moram.  It means “a daring person.”  Yes!  I am unstoppable! But…not cool: …

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Punk pin cushion on wheels

So.  I did something I haven’t done for about three years.  Something I wasn’t sure I’d ever do again. I rode my bike. Certainly no big deal to many people, but for me?  I had to really think long and hard about it. I used to ride my bike everywhere, year round.  I even rode …

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Happy birthday to me!

That’s right!  I’m 45 today!  And it’s a pretty good day (aside from the sore throat my body decided to give me as a birthday present, but I’ll overlook that).  My garden says it’s definitely spring, calendar be damned.  Dwarf irises are blooming, which was an absolute delight, because I forgot I planted those! In …

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I was going to write about how I haven’t had enough energy to do anything lately because my migraines have been wretched, and how I’m trying an elimination diet (eliminating pretty much everything from my diet that might be a migraine trigger — garlic, onions, grapes, berries, dried fruit, soy, yeast, refined sugar, black beans, …

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Hey! I can see!

Yep, I got new glasses.  Bifocals again, but this time I skipped the whole progressive mess (heh.  Remember that?) and got regular bifocals with lines.  Because seriously, am I worried that the lines will make me look old?  I’ve got gray hair (and no intention of dyeing it).  I’ve got wrinkles.  I look my age.  …

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a pain in the neck

My neurologist referred me to a physical therapist since a lot of my migraines are accompanied by neck pain.  I had my first appointment with the PT on Monday and learned that wow, it’s amazing how screwed up my neck and upper back are.  I won’t bore you with all the details, but what it …

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I give up.  I tried the gluten-free diet for nearly 10 weeks, and I didn’t see any decrease in the frequency or severity of my migraines.  In fact I spent a couple of days this week feeling like there was an elephant standing on my head.  So screw it. I just had an Amy’s Roasted …

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