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Exiled from my studio

Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild Art Fair 2011

Well, not permanently. There are a bunch of construction guys in my basement doing some asbestos removal and replacing windows with more energy efficient windows, and they’ll be back in a week or two to replace the furnace with a more energy efficient model as well. In the meantime they’ve taped a sheet of plastic …

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Spinning is cleaning, really

Since I’m going to be teaching classes starting next month, I really need to clean my house, and especially my studio. Well, especially the rest of the house too. You might be thinking, “Riin, we don’t care if your house is dirty,” but trust me. There are dust bison, and it’s hard to walk through …

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This time of year, there are ladybugs everywhere in my house, especially the kitchen and bathroom. This morning I spotted (ha! spotted!) one of my little ladybug friends on my bottle of marbles on my kitchen windowsill. (I keep my marbles in a bottle on the windowsill so no one can say I’ve lost my …

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Well, that was just weird

So I was cleaning out the refrigerator, getting rid of some of the not so fresh vegetables and giving them to the worms.  There was some broccoli I bought that I was just somehow never in the mood to eat, so I was breaking it into smaller pieces so it would be easier for them …

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The house is so quiet

My original plan for last weekend was to clean the house and put up a solstice tree for the first time in six years.  Five years ago solstice came 3 months after my friend Ken was killed by a drunk driver.  I didn't feel like celebrating anything.  The next year it was right after I …

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Planting myself

So I moved a few months ago.  Oh, didn't I tell you?  Oh, right, I have this kind of anxiety thing where I feel like if you all know where I live, some crazed lunatic might show up and kill me or something.  Not a knitter of course.  Some of you might be a bit …

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