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Adventures in Fibonacci Weaving

This is about the interconnectedness of all things. In 1202, Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci, an Italian mathematician, wrote a book called Liber abaci (“Book of the abacus”). In this book he posited a problem: A certain man put a pair of rabbits in a place surrounded on all sides by a wall. How many pairs of …

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Trains are cool


A few months ago Rob suggested taking a train out to California for his Aunt Elspeth’s 80th birthday party as a surprise. I was a bit lukewarm about the idea at first, as it meant I’d have to miss the Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild Holiday Sale, but the more I thought about it, the more …

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Sleep, sleep, toad, leave…

Michigan J. Toad

Yep, I just got home from Stitches, and now I’m leaving again. I was home long enough to sleep, sleep, sleep some more, wash a few more fleeces for The Happy Fuzzy Yarn Local Wool Project (9 days! Only 9 days left to contribute!), take a picture of this cute toad who was visiting my …

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A Plethora of Pics


I have a bad habit of taking pictures and then never getting around to posting them. So, today I present a backlog of photographs from the last few weeks. When we did the Wine & Wool Festival at Sandhill Crane Vineyards, I learned that one of the cool things about outdoor shows is dragonflies visiting …

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I am thankful

A while ago Jennifer suggested writing a gratitude list with at least 100 things you’re grateful for.  I liked that idea, so here, now on Thanksgiving, is my list. I am thankful… that I have a roof over my head. that I have clean running water. that I have a working furnace. that I have …

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I’m too tired to come up with a witty title so just imagine one

You know, sometimes I read someone's post or an article someone wrote where they mention being home sick with a cold for a week and all the knitting they were able to get done during that time. I envy those people. Not for being home sick.  No, I can manage that part.  It's just that …

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In the interest of fairness

I’m sure you’re all sick to death of my blathering on and on about Walgreen’s, but in the interest of fairness, I feel I should present the conclusion to the tale.  Thursday I emailed the University benefits office with a brief description of what happened.  Yes, it was brief.  No, really. Friday the benefits contact …

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A Royal Visitor!

Look who discovered my buddleia! Isn't she beautiful? I planted milkweed for her too, but I started it from seed, so it's just little.  Next year it'll be tall and pink and useful to a monarch.  But for now, drink that nectar!  Yum!

Hello Winter

So, we’ve been getting winter storm warnings periodically for the last few weeks but the big storms have kept passing us by.  A few flurries here and there, and last weekend we got about an inch or two of snow, but nothing big.  Until this weekend.  This was the view out the front door this …

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