Cool, cool, and not cool

I fear this blog has been suffering a dearth of photography lately, so here.  My latest addition to the shop.  Tigerella sock yarn.  Sexy lady tiger colors!


Also cool: my dharma name, which was given to me when I took precepts yesterday.  Moram.  It means “a daring person.”  Yes!  I am unstoppable!

But…not cool: I rode my bike to work today, and that was cool, but then I rode it home, and my left achilles tendon started aching.  The same tendon that felt like someone had thrown a knife at it a few years ago.  I think I’ll take the bus to work tomorrow, and try the bike again on Wednesday. If I don’t really ease into this, I could be in pain for months, if my experience a few years ago is any indication, and that would definitely not be cool.

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  1. Jonathan@Lifestyle Design in The Limelight

    Hey Riin,

    Cool to see you moved your blog to WordPress, and that you’re cycling again!

    Are you still managing Ken Kifer’s website? Was just reading through it again, hard ti believe he died 7 years ago, I used to read his travelogues as a kid and dream!

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