Cut off date for new orders

Wow, there’s nothing like announcing you’re going out of business to get the orders pouring in! If they had been coming in at this rate all along, we probably could have stayed in business.

Since we are getting ready for our going of business sale and will be selling much of our dyeing equipment, we need to set a cut off date for new orders. If you order by the end of this weekend (Sunday, January 8), we will fill your order if we can. When I get up Monday morning, I’ll be disabling the shop so no new orders can be placed.

If you order before then, we may or may not be able to fill your order. If we happen to have the colorway/base combination you order, you’re in luck. If not, we can dye it for you IF we have enough of the undyed base. We’re totally out of some bases though, and we just have a little bit left of other bases.

If there are any alternate colorways or bases you’re happy to substitute, if you can note that in the comments section, it will speed things up for us.