Cute sheep pics! And a survey!

I went to my friend Karen’s farm last night to pick up some fleeces (some being 11) so I took pictures of her sheep while I was there because a) I thought you guys might like to see where some of my wool comes from, and b) they’re so frickin’ adorable, how could I not? Yeah, I took about 40 pictures. Here are the two best ones.

Just look at that face! Just look at that wool! Yeah, they’re scheduled to be sheared tomorrow. The shearer was supposed to come earlier but had to reschedule. But Karen had a whole room full of last year’s fleeces, so I was glad to take some off her hands! And I’ll be getting more later.

She’s got Border Leicesters, Bluefaced Leicesters, Romneys, Corriedales, and crossbreeds thereof. Their fleeces are divine. I’m going to use a lot of them in art batts, but I’m also going to have a lot of the wool processed into combed top to dye. It’s crazy for me to buy imported wool when I’m sitting in the highest wool producing county in Michigan, so I want to use a lot more local wool.

I can also have local wool millspun into yarn that I can dye. I need to do at least 100 pounds per type to get the best price though, and that’s a hefty upfront cost, which I don’t have. Is that something you guys are interested in, more locally produced yarns in my same colorways? I could put it up on indiegogo if there’s interest. I need to know which yarn there’s the most interest in. My fingering weight yarns sell the best, and I can do a fingering weight; I can add nylon to it for strength if you’d like it for sock yarn, but it wouldn’t be superwash.

Ok, let me do a poll…  Here.
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Ok, I’ve got fleeces to wash! Back to work!