Does anyone actually like their bifocals?

Occasionally I look at the keyword searches people use to get to my blog.  Since I wrote about getting my bifocals this summer, a lot of people are coming here by searching for “bifocals,” and I’ve got to tell you, judging by the combinations of keywords, a lot of you really don’t like your bifocals.  I’m getting a sense that a lot of you are frustrated beyond belief and ready to throw them in a lake, and the only thing stopping you is you paid 500 bucks for the damn things and you don’t want to conk an innocent fish on the head.

This leads me to wonder…does anyone actually like their bifocals?  While I haven’t written any more about mine since I said I was still getting used to them and I thought they were right, to be honest, I think I’ve just gotten used to squinting a bit all the time.  If I look straight ahead at my computer monitor or at something at a distance, things are pretty much in focus.  But if something is off to the side, no, it’s not quite in focus.  I’m “supposed” to turn my head so I’m looking straight at it.  But come on.  If I’m walking down the street, I’m not going to be turning my head from side to side constantly.  If something catches my eye slightly off to the side, I just move my eyes in that direction.  I can still see it; it’s just blurry.

If I read something on paper, I’m used to squinting now.  No matter where I hold the paper, it’s not quite in focus.  I can read it.  It’s not so blurry that I can’t read it.  But it’s not quite in focus.  And if I take my glasses off, it’s not quite in focus.  So I’ve gotten used to everything being not quite in focus.

Is this how it is for everyone with bifocals?  Is this just how bifocals are?  Or does anyone actually like their bifocals?

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  1. Susan

    Hi Riin,
    Just reading your blog and thought I’d comment 🙂 I’m on my second pair of bifocals. the first pair I didn’t like, but this pair I do. I’m not sure what the difference is except they’re stronger. When I got a new prescription, the doctor took some time to figure out what I want to do with them and how far away I want to hold my work/knitting.
    Hope life is good for you.
    Susan 🙂

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