Doing it right

So, remember what I said about carob not causing migraines?  Um, yeah.  That may or may not have been true.  I ended up with a two day migraine this week.  I searched to see if anyone had written anything about carob and migraines, and what I found was contradictory, which is always so helpful.  But I think I’ll be careful not to eat so much of it at a time in the future.  D’oh.

But I thought I’d show you my knitting today, which is a much happier topic.  Here’s my sweater in progress.


I know, all you can see is fabric, and not any shaping or anything.  That’s because there is no shaping or anything yet.  It will make sense later.  You’ll see.  But this is what it’s looking like so far, and this is the way the stripes go.  It’s half wool and half alpaca, and it’s really soft.

I’ve gotten more done on my bus knitting sock, and you know, I figured out something I really like better about top down socks than toe up socks.


Just after you finish turning the heel and work a few rounds, they look like sock puppets.



Oh no!  Sockyzilla’s attacking the camera!  Aaaughhh!


It’s like Stephanie said — if you’re not enjoying knitting, you’re not doing it right.

Check back Monday when I’ll have a long post for Blog Action Day.