Don’t pet the bees

Every time I see the bumblebees in my garden, I think they look so cute and fuzzy, I just want to pet them.  But that would be bad.  They wouldn’t like that.

Salvia and bee

So I just admire them.  I have no idea how many of them I have in my garden.  Dozens, at least.  Probably well over a hundred in the middle of the day.

Look at them on this Joe Pye weed.  They’re practically rolling around on it.

Joe and bees

I can imagine them making that sound Homer Simpson makes after he’s eaten something really delicious.

I’ve seen a lot of butterflies in my garden too, but they don’t sit still for very long.  And I saw a hummingbird today, just as I was going inside to get my camera so I could take pictures of bees.  Yay!  My first hummingbird of this garden!

And look!  My verbascum is starting to bloom.  Does it not rock?


I think it’s pretty cool.

And my yarrow’s buds are finally starting to open so I can tell what color the flowers are going to be!  They’re yellow!  Can you say “yellow yarrow” ten times fast?

Yellow yarrow

I didn’t know what color they were going to be because when Erica gave them to me, she just said, “Here, have some yarrow.  I don’t know what color it is.”  Well, hey, ok.  I’ve never seen a yarrow I didn’t like, and butterflies like them, so yes please.  But I’ve been talking to it ever since I planted it, saying, “Hmm, I wonder what color you’re going to be.”  Kind of like waiting for a baby to be born to find out if it’s a boy or a girl, I guess, except yarrow comes in a lot more than two colors.

Last week I was whining about my tomatoes still all being green.  Ingrid took pity on me and brought me some ripe tomatoes from her garden!  Oh, they were so delicious!  Thank you so much, Ingrid!  And just as I ate the last one…


Yes!  They’re finally getting the idea!

Alas, all is not well in my garden.  See my zucchini plant?

RIP zucchini

No, it’s not some trick like the Emperor’s Zucchini.  There was a zucchini plant there.  There were actually three plants.  I bought what I thought was one, then realized it was really three in one pot, and didn’t have the heart to sacrifice two of them, nor the room to move them somewhere else.  That was probably a mistake.  Anyway, I left the three plants to grow together, and they got huge.  I had lots of zucchini.  I was eating zucchini every few days, I was giving it to neighbors, coworkers, I even gave one to my yoga instructor.  And then the leaves started wilting, even though I was giving it lots of water.  The bottom leaves were dead, the top leaves were wilting, and it wasn’t producing as much zucchini anymore.

I did a google search and from what I could tell, it sounded like the poor thing had squash vine borers.  I pulled off all the dead leaves so I could get at the base of the plants.  Yeah, I could see that something had eaten away a lot of the stalk, and it was still there (just like Goldilocks!).  The stalks were full of small brown insects and some crawly things, but they weren’t the white pupae I was expecting to see.  They were brown, much more slender, and had legs.  But the damage looked the same.

Unfortunately there were so many of the insects and crawly things and they were moving so fast, there was no way for me to remove them.  So, into a yard waste bag, leaves, stalks, roots, and all, for the city to compost.  Rest in peace, my dear zucchini plants.  It was nice knowing you while you were here.  Thank you for feeding me.  Namaste.

On a more positive note, I hauled my ass over to the thrift shop today.  It’s such a hit or miss thing, you know.  Sometimes I have good luck, sometimes I don’t.  Well, today was my day!  I got four dinner plates, a pair of jeans, and nine shirts for $20.14!  Score!

The thing I don’t understand is who the hell decides how women’s clothing sizes are determined and what the hell are they smoking?  I tried several shirts on, in both size Medium and Large, because I’ve found the sizes vary so much, they might as well be in one category called size Random, and either it will fit or it won’t.  Within the Mediums, some fit perfectly and look great, some are a bit too snug and not so flattering, some are so small I can’t get them on, some are too loose and not so flattering, and some are so loose they look like they’re two sizes too large.  Within the Larges, it’s the exact same thing as the Mediums.  Which is to say, there are Mediums which are two or three sizes larger than the Larges.  Huh?

It was the same thing with the jeans.  I found two pairs of black size 10 jeans to try on.  Actually I found the one pair and wasn’t going to try on the second pair, figuring I already found a pair of black jeans to try on, and then I remembered how much sizes vary and thought, don’t be stupid, try them both.  One fit perfectly; the other was two sizes too large.  Uh…right.   So if I want pants in that brand to fit me, am I supposed to be looking for a size 6?  Huh?  That’s crazy talk.  Just label things right so I know where to look.  Duh.

Oh well.  At least I got a lot of good stuff cheap, even if I did have to leave behind a lot of stuff that was theoretically the same size as what I bought, but…not in your dreams, pal.