Dyeing like a Crazy Woman

Wow. Well, this has been a crazy month. Actually this whole year has been crazy so far.

I dyed 640 skeins of Corrie Sock for Yarnbox. Actually that started last year. And it was supposed to be 900 skeins, but my supplier was waiting more yarn from their supplier in the UK, and that supplier took longer than they were supposed to. So Yarnbox took the 640 skeins I had dyed plus all the rest of my Corrie Sock inventory.

I finally got more a few weeks ago, and I’ve been dyeing like a madwoman to replenish my stock, to get ready for Fiber Expo this weekend (are you in Ann Arbor? You’re coming, right?), and to dye samples of the new colorways for TNNA.

This is just some of the yarn I’ve been dyeing.


There’s more yarn not in bins yet. A lot more. I’ve got something like 16 or 17 new colorways. Not sure exactly. My head is kind of explode-y. (12 million things to do! Gah!)

As an aside, I’m afraid my dear rabbit Roxanne didn’t make it through her health problems. She died in my arms a few weeks ago. Thank you so much to everyone who helped me pay for her veterinary bills. I remain grateful.