Exiled from my studio

Well, not permanently. There are a bunch of construction guys in my basement doing some asbestos removal and replacing windows with more energy efficient windows, and they’ll be back in a week or two to replace the furnace with a more energy efficient model as well. In the meantime they’ve taped a sheet of plastic over the doorway to the basement.

So here I sit in the living room, surrounded by bins of yarn and fiber, since I’m getting ready for a show. Um, very large bins. 28 of them. (Also, I can happily report that Ziploc XXL Flexible Totes hold twice as much dyed top as Sterilite 70 quart storage bins. Yeah, baby!)

It looks like I have a hoarding disorder. I’m starting to wonder if there is in fact a difference between being a fiber artist and a hoarder. But it’s not like I have trouble getting rid of any of it. It’s all for sale. I just keep making more and more and more of it since I have a ton of shows coming up. So, I think it just looks like I have a hoarding disorder.

So, what’s coming up?

This month it’s all Michigan. It’s so nice to do close to home shows for a while.

This Saturday, July 16, I’ll be at Artisan Knitworks in St Clair Shores from noon to 6 for a trunk show. It’s a great store with absolutely beautiful stuff, so if you’re in southeast Michigan I hope you’ll stop by.

Next week I’m even more local. I don’t even have to leave town.

Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild Art Fair 2011

Yep, it’s the Ann Arbor Art Fair. I’ll be in the Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild booth at State and North University. (I won’t have as much stuff there though, since more than 20 guild members are selling. Lots of yarn and finished items, but no fiber, so if you’re more interested in fiber go to the trunk show.)

Oh, now there are pounding noises coming from the basement. It’s a little disconcerting. I’ll be so glad when they’re done.

I’ve been pondering how I might want to rearrange stuff in my studio when everything is finished down there (I had to move a bunch of stuff out away from the walls. Yeah, that was loads of fun). I’ve been considering getting a second knitting machine for bulkier yarn (the one I have thinks sport weight is bulky. Um, no it’s not), but I can’t figure out where I would put one. Hmm.


  1. Cindy Petty

    Your living room sounds a lot like my spare bedroom. Except I don’t exactly have it quite as organized.

    I am loving your hand-dyed sock yarn with merino and tencil yarn right now. I’ll be posting about how I am using it to make a Holden Shawlette. No pictures yet; which is why I have not posted about it.

  2. Eva

    I just wanted to let you know that I thought you had an amazing booth this year! The Ann Arbor Art Fair always brings me home and I was so excited to see your booth! Your work is amazing!!

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