Feeling Reflective

Yep.  I guess it's that time of year.  Time to reflect back on the past year and think about what I want next year to be like.  2010.  The first thing I need to do is figure out how to pronounce it.  I keep reading it as "two thousand ten."  I hear people saying "twenty ten" though, and I think, "Really?  Is that what we're calling it?"  Because it seems weird to me to call it that.  But I guess we're calling it whatever people call it.  That's how language works.

So what are you all calling it?


I've been pretty happy with this past year.  Some of it was pretty crappy, like my department ceasing to exist, but a lot of good stuff happened.  My business has grown and moved in a good direction.  I met a sweet guy.  Roxanne lets me pet her frequently, and Joey lets me pet him once in a while.

And I think things will be even better next year.  I ordered a loom, and I have so many ideas for things to weave.  I dyed some yarn today with the intention of weaving it, so I thought about what I wanted the finished project to look like before I started dyeing it.  (I'd show you a picture, but it's still soaking in the laundry tub.  Just imagine suds!)  And I have a lot of ideas for how my business can continue to grow.  And hey, maybe Joey will let me pet him some more.

I still think it's weird that it's almost 2010 though.  That sounds like it's soooo faaaaar in the future!  I guess it just means I'm old.  And that's ok.

P.S.  There are still spots left in the sock yarn and fiber clubs.  Join before the end of the month (i.e., the end of the year!) to receive your January shipment. 

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  1. RainyDaisy

    I suppose I’ve been trying to avoid saying “2010” altogether, because I don’t know what to call it either. Twenty-ten sounds weird.
    OooOooo…loom. I’m certain your year will go well with one of those in the house.

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