Fiber Expo is this weekend! Yay!

I really like Fiber Expo. It’s one of my favorite shows to do. It’s a hometown show (Ann Arbor! Woohoo!), so I get to sleep in my own bed, not travel far, and I know where the good restaurants are, but it’s more than that. It’s just got a cool vibe to it. I see even more friends than usual (both vendors and customers), Humphrey the camel will be there (coolest camel ever!), and…well, ok, probably just the fact that I don’t have to get up super early is a big plus.

I’ll be there this weekend in my big booth of Happiness, with bunches of luscious yarn, fiber, patterns, and kits. Try not to drool on anything unless you’re buying it, but feel free to fondle and grope the goods! How else can you bond with it?

I’ll keep this short because I am tired, but here’s a photo to entice you.

1409 crete merino-tencel

Handspun! I spun it from my merino/tencel combed top. Shiny…