Fiber Expo pics

Better late than never, right? It took me a while to recover from Fiber Expo (it was a lot of fun, but I was totally wiped out afterwards). Anyway, here’s a photo my friend Kate took of me in my booth.

Riin at Fiber Expo

The star of the show was a camel named Humphrey. He’s a very nice camel who really likes attention, so he was happy to have people petting him and telling him how handsome he was all weekend.

Riin and Humphrey the Camel

And remember YarnCon? Listen to all the nice things Jaala had to say about the yarn she got from me there in the Knitcircus podcast!

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  1. meg

    Loved getting some of your yarn at AAFE! I can’t wait for it to make it to the top of the queue. And I am happy to see you got to meet Humphrey!

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