Fiber Expo

It’s been nearly a week since Fiber Expo. I’d say I don’t know how the time went by, except I do know. I was exhausted, so I’ve slept a lot, and when I’ve been awake I’ve been photographing stuff that didn’t sell and adding it to my etsy shop (there’s still more to add, but I’ve added all the fiber and sock blanks).

Fiber Expo was great! So many nice people, and since it was here in Ann Arbor I got to see a lot of people I know. I sold lots of stuff, and lots of people signed up to get my newsletter. (You can sign up over there in the right sidebar if you want.)

Here are some photos I took Saturday morning right after setting up. There were still some dark corners, so Rob went to Meijer to get more lights. It was definitely worth it, as many people commented how my booth was so nice and bright, and how you could actually see what things looked like!

fiber expo booth

fiber expo yarn

fiber expo fiber

Several people asked for patterns for the green scarf on the mannequin and for the hats. They’re very simple, so it hadn’t even occurred to me to write up patterns, but I’ll do that after I add the rest of the stuff to the shop and get through the Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild Holiday Sale.

Also, I didn’t have this fiber in time for Fiber Expo (I’ve had it backordered for quite a while), but it came this week, and it’s so gorgeous I have to show it to you. It’s Shetland moorit combed wool top.

shetland moorit combed wool top

It’s so soft! And such a pretty color, right off the sheep!