I went to my PO box today and it finally contained the package I’ve been waiting for.  I opened it while I was waiting for the driver to come back to open the bus doors.  No mean feat.  They said “tamper evident,” true, but it took me a minute to figure out how to open it at all without scissors.  Of course if it hadn’t been possible, I would have just waited till I was on the bus and got my scissors out of my knitting bag.  (Imagine Helen Reddy singing “I am knitter, hear me roar…”  Or don’t.”)

It was actually the correct prescription.  Well, that’s progress.  So I took the first pill on the bus.  In a few days I should be back to normal.  Well, normal for me.  Shut up.

But I was right, it wasn’t mailed last Wednesday.  The invoice lists the shipment date as 8/27, but the date stamp on the envelope is 8/28.  Still, even allowing for the holiday, it took 4 mailing days to reach me?  If they sent it Priority or First Class, it should have taken 2-3 days.  The envelope says “US Postage Paid Global Mail.”  What the hell is Global Mail?  I can’t find any reference to it on the USPS site.  (I admit it.  I’m a postal geek.)  Why didn’t they just mail it?  It even says “Time Sensitive Material” on the envelope, and they chose a delivery method that takes 4 mailing days.