Get ready, get set, shop!

After a huge amount of work, it’s here! Our online store is up and running, and while not quite perfect yet (we still have a bit of tweaking to do), you can now order our yarn and fiber from the comfort of your own home, whether you’re in Kalamazoo or Timbuktu! Or anywhere else!

We don’t have any retailers signed up yet, so for a while we’ll be filling all the orders. As retailers sign up, a LYS near you may fill your order. But if you order something no one stocks, we will fill your order. We will dye it to order if we need to.

Please note we are discontinuing American Worsted and Silk Top; we still have quite a bit in stock, but we’re not ordering any more of the undyed bases. We will fill your orders of these bases if possible, but some orders of these bases will be unfillable. Eventually they’ll disappear from the catalog entirely. Everything else is here for the foreseeable future though!

The shop is at happyfuzzyyarn.com/shop but if you can’t remember that, just go to happyfuzzyyarn.com and click the “shop yarn & fiber” button at the top!

Then select Hand dyed Yarn

Happy Fuzzy Yarn...yarn!


or Hand dyed Fiber

Happy Fuzzy Yarn...combed top!

and shop to your heart’s content! Right now the Corrie Sock colorway images are in colorway order but all the other bases’ images are in alphabetical order, which is less than ideal. We will be sorting all the images to put them in colorway order. It takes longer than it should, so bear with us!

Looking for patterns? They’re all here on Ravelry.

Any questions? Comments? Please let me know! It’s brand new so there may be something wonky I haven’t discovered yet, and I need to know about it so I can fix it!