Getting ready for the Great Lakes Art Fair

A sheep, a llama, and a goat walk into a bar.

Um. Ok, I don’t have the rest of the joke, just the beginning. If anyone can come up with the rest of the joke, please share in the comments. Anyway, the reason I’ve got a sheep, a llama, and a goat in my head is this:

This is yarn I spun from fibers I blended on my drum carder. You guessed it. It’s wool, llama, and mohair. And it’s luscious! I spun it specifically to use for the inaugural weaving project on the triangle loom Rob built me, but there are several skeins left over.

Here’s the shawl in progress, on the loom. I love the triangle loom. It is awesomely cool.

And here’s the finished shawl.

Pictures don’t begin to do it justice. (One of these days I need to hire a model. Everything looks better on a real live person than on a plastic torso, but for now I use what I’ve got.) But! You can see it in person this weekend, and touch it and fondle it and caress it and sniff it and try it on and even buy it! If you’re at the Great Lakes Art Fair in Novi, Michigan, that is, because that’s where I’ll be (Suburban Collection Showplace, booth 233, Oct 14-16).

I’ve been making lots of wearable art for the fair, including felted jewelry, like this pin.

And I’ve been dyeing silk scarves like this one.

And of course I’ll have lots of yarn for sale.

If you’ve spent any time at all looking at tartans, this looks like Black Watch to you, and that’s what it’s called. I would love to see this woven.

Anything that doesn’t sell this weekend I’ll add to the shop next week (except one skein of yarn which I think I might have to keep if it doesn’t sell. It’s talking to me).

So…any good jokes?