Going out of business

All good things must come to an end.

I’m sad to say, Happy Fuzzy Yarn is one of those things. We are going out of business.

Sadly, the yarn industry has just changed too much. Dyers and knitwear designers with far more success than I ever had have already written about how they are no longer able to support themselves. We have not been profitable for a very long time, and I cannot continue to go deeper into debt.

What this means:

  • We will be holding a large going out of business sale soon, so stay tuned for details.
  • Our patterns will remain on Ravelry, but we will no longer be in the yarn business.
  • I have one last pattern I need to put up on Ravelry (I already paid the designer for it months ago, and I need to recoup some of that money). After that, I will not be adding any more patterns.
  • I will be transitioning into jewelry design for the next stage of my life. If you’d like to follow me on the journey (there will be shawl pins among other things), you can sign up here.

I’ve had a wonderful time meeting so many amazing friends and seeing so many beautiful things. I’m sad that some things I wanted to do will never happen, but I’m looking forward to knitting for myself again.

Thank you for your loyal support, and best wishes to you!



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  1. Noreen campbell

    Good luck in your new venture.

  2. Jill Wolcott

    Ah, Riin, I’m sad but also glad you may find something better suited to your needs as you move ahead.

    Best to you!

  3. Rebecca Froebe

    So sad to see you go, but I understand completely! Good luck on your next adventure!

  4. Charlie Moore

    Riin, I’m so sorry to hear that. I know the yarn business is tough work. I hope your next venture is super successful.

  5. Debbie M

    I’m so sorry to hear this! You inspired me to try different color combinations in spinning and plying. I’ve always iced your dyed top!

  6. Rachel N.

    Oh, Riin…..

    I’m so sorry to hear this news. But…..I totally get it and understand completely. I sure will miss seeing you at Yellow Springs every year. I’m actually working on a project with your yarn right now. I wish you the absolute best for the future. Good Luck!

  7. Lenora Kelso

    Your yarn is good quality and a joy to knit . I will miss knowing it is waiting for my next inspiration! Best wishes.

  8. Liz Gipson

    I know it is a super difficult decision to make to close a business. You are a very smart lady to make the decision that works for you before the decision gets made for you. Being an entrepreneur is all about the falling down and getting back up. So happy to see you are transitioning into something else that keeps your creative juices going and you can have yarn back all to yourself.

  9. Charlotte

    This is sad news. Best of luck moving forward!

  10. Allison

    Best of luck Riin! I’m looking forward to seeing your jewelry!

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