Good News, bad news, good news, and good news

Ok! First the good news! Corrie Sock is back in stock! Yay!

Now the bad news. I’ve managed to keep most of my prices steady for a long time, absorbing my rising costs. Yeah, I can’t do that anymore. Not if I want to do frivolous things like pay the mortgage and eat. So I need to raise the prices a few dollars on some things.

But! Good news! I’m giving you a heads up now so you have a chance to order at the old price! Prices will increase two weeks from today, Friday, April 11. Feel free to order as much as you want, including back orders. Even if I can’t get your order dyed till after the price goes up, you’ll still only be paying the old price! (heh, sneaky!)

And more good news! I did some calculating, and I can actually lower the prices on a few things! Woohoo! DK Silk is now $38 per skein, and the Local Wool Project Yarn is $34 per skein. Sweet!

27019 hibiscus cu

This photo doesn’t begin to do the yarn justice. It’s hard to photograph shiny things!