Half not bad, or not half bad

During Spinzilla last year, I spun 7370 yards.

This year I spun 3688 yards. That’s just 3 yards more than half of last year’s total.

I would be totally bummed out, but I’m having problems with my left ulnar nerve*, so my left pinky and ring finger are both numb and painful (yeah, you’d think they would be one or the other, not both, but I’m an overachiever!), so I actually spun more than I thought I would!

Riin's Spinzilla 2016 spinning

Even though it was painful, I still really enjoyed spinning. I just couldn’t spin for more than two hours at a time, and usually not for more than two hours for the entire day. Last year I spun 10 hours on one day.

Apparently I’m reaching the age where body parts just start wearing out. Damn. (On the plus side, I really love my trifocals!)

*There doesn’t appear to be nerve damage, and they think that the problem will resolve itself in two or three months. I would like it to stop now please.