Happy birthday to me!

That’s right!  I’m 45 today!  And it’s a pretty good day (aside from the sore throat my body decided to give me as a birthday present, but I’ll overlook that).  My garden says it’s definitely spring, calendar be damned.  Dwarf irises are blooming, which was an absolute delight, because I forgot I planted those!

In keeping with a new year beginning for me, I’m working on revamping my blog, as it’s looking a bit dated to me.  Soon it will have a fresh, new look.  Patience, my dears.  All will be revealed.

As far as what else I’ve been working on, here’s a wool/alpaca scarf I finished recently.

Zenefit scarf

I’m donating it to the Spring Zenefit at the Ann Arbor Zen Buddhist Temple.  Proceeds from the Zenefit will go toward Haiti relief and the children’s program at the temple.  Come on by this Saturday night and bid on it if you’re in the area.  I’ll feel kind of bad if no one bids on it.

My other donation was this skein of sport weight sock yarn.

Zenefit yarn

It’s superwash merino, and it’s very soft!  And it’s prettier in real life than in the photo (I just couldn’t get the photo to come out very well.  Trust me.  It’s really beautiful).

Other than that, I’ve just been trying to figure out what I can eat.  I’m doing a migraine elimination diet, so no garlic, onions, soy, yeast, wheat, grapes, berries, apples, citrus, tomatoes, dried fruit, nuts, peanuts, seeds, anything fermented or aged, refined sugar, black beans, tea (even decaf), and a bunch of other stuff that I can’t think of right now.  Any suggestions for vegan food that fits those criteria?  Recipes?  Please share.  Please.  The migraines have been less frequent and less severe since I started this, but I’m kind of cranky when I go to the grocery store since it seems like I can’t eat anything.  I can eat rice, oatmeal, vegetables, ginger and cayenne pepper, but I need some variety.