Heads up! The online going out of business sale starts tomorrow!

I sold a ton of stuff at the in person going out of business sale (possibly literally…I’m not sure), but that was about a third of what I had. I’ve been busy putting the rest online, and while I’m not finished, all of the dyed yarn is up, and some of the dyed fiber.

The sale site is going to go live tomorrow (Friday) afternoon, probably around 1pm EST. It will be at http://happyfuzzyyarn.com/store. Don’t bother going there before it’s live. It won’t work.

After it’s up, I’ll continue adding more stuff till everything is up.


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    Did you crash? Can’t find the sale site. Vesuvius in worsted or sock is my daughter’s birthday wish, just really need one skein for a hat. Wish you all the best. I really enjoyed meeting you at the show in Michigan last year.
    Rene Springowski

  2. Riin

    It’s working here. Is anyone else having trouble?

    You can also try clicking on the “Going out of Business Sale” tab at the top of the page.

  3. Bobbie Aspacher

    Hi Riin,
    Was wondering what you have left in sock yarn? And pricing?
    Yarn Cravin’

  4. Riin

    Corrie Sock is here: http://happyfuzzyyarn.com/store/#!/Corrie-Sock/p/36915122/category=22316079. It’s about 1 1/2 bins.

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