Hey! I can see!

Yep, I got new glasses.  Bifocals again, but this time I skipped the whole progressive mess (heh.  Remember that?) and got regular bifocals with lines.  Because seriously, am I worried that the lines will make me look old?  I’ve got gray hair (and no intention of dyeing it).  I’ve got wrinkles.  I look my age.  I’m alright with that.  There’s no shame in being 44.

And what’s really cool:  I can see!  I can walk down the street and see things clearly, even things off to the side, without having to turn my head constantly.  And I can knit and the stitches are in focus.  Even when I’m knitting socks on size US1 needles.  And what’s really radical?  I can see the date on my watch.  Without squinting.  It’s amazing!

And I see something else now too, which has nothing to do with having new glasses, but hey, it’s a segue.  I see that I really don’t feel like making jewelry.  Not my thing.  I’m addicted to working with fiber (love it! dream of it!), but jewelry?  Meh.  I don’t even really wear jewelry anymore, except for earrings (really simple earrings) that I just leave in all the time.  I can’t be bothered to change them.  So I’m just not a jewelry person.

And I realized I don’t have to make jewelry if I don’t want to.  I bought a whole bunch of gemstone beads, silver findings, silver metal clay, tools and equipment last summer when it seemed like a good idea.  Now? It’s just a bunch of stuff taking up space in my studio saying, “what were you thinking?”  It’s time to say goodbye to it, sell it to someone who will use it and enjoy it, and use the money to buy more base yarns.

Anyone interested?


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  1. Jeanne B.

    As I squint to read your post, I admit I need new specs myself and likely bifocals. Sigh.
    I understand your jewelry decision. I made one myself recently. It still sounds horrible to me, but I’ve realized, I was wrong. I love the IDEA of running a horse rescue someday (something I dreamed of doing for years). But I don’t have the patience for it. I’m not interested in prioritizing my days around the care and maintenance of special needs animals.
    The irony is that I realized this after having cared for a special needs horse for four years (she’s Insulin Resistant, and permanently lame to varying degrees). I love her, but she needs a new home. As horrible as it is to admit, my vision for my farm includes healthy, sound “usable” animals. I’m compassionate, and I greatly appreciate and commend those who open their hearts and homes to the unwanted–but my attention, apparently, is supposed to be elsewhere.

  2. Riin

    That’s a hard decision. My heart goes out to both of you.

  3. Ingrid

    Hi! I’m interested in the PMC stuff, depending on how much and how much 🙂 Can you email me with details?

  4. Lori Paximadis

    I might be interested, in the PMC stuff, too. 🙂

  5. Wulfie

    I saw this at Havi’s. Just a couple thoughts.
    If you don’t connect with a buyer here, jewelry making stuff sold as a ‘lot’ on ebay sells fast. You just write up the list of what you have, take a few pictures to post, list it at the price you want starting a little low and there will be a bidding war on it.
    I recently sold all my bead working stuff and books and got twice as much as I thought I’d get; made my money back and more in other words. Plus the buyer pays the shipping.
    Etsy is another place to sell your stuff.
    Really, jewelry making materials and clays are all hot sellers, especially when sold as a kit or a ‘lot’. (bunch of materials)

  6. Riin

    That’s a great idea, Wulfie. I’ll take pics later this week. I’ll probably do ebay unless someone local buys it first. When I do, I’ll put links up here.

  7. Carol Gill

    Darn, I thought I was going to get some new jewelry. The scarf is real pretty. Mom

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