how to shop

Wondering what the easiest way to buy Happy Fuzzy Yarn is? The fastest way? The touchy-feely-est way?

It depends.

If you live near a Happy Fuzzy Yarn retailer, go there! You can touch and feel the yarn and buy it and get instant gratification! No waiting! (If you don’t live near a HFY retailer, keep checking back! We’re adding new shops all the time!)

If you live in Michigan or Ohio, I’m still doing a few fiber festivals. More touchy-feely and instant gratification, but only a few times a year.

If you want to order one of my tote bags or t-shirts, you can get them at my CafePress store.

And if none of the above is doable for you, then you can order online. You’ll have to wait for your order (several weeks if you order something I need to dye for you), and you can’t touch it before you buy it, but you can order any colorway in any base yarn or fiber. You can order sweater quantities. You can order house cozy quantities if you want, as long as you know how many skeins you need.