How you benefit from my exhaustion

Huh. Somehow I haven’t blogged since my birthday. Um. I’m still 46. Yep.

Actually, I guess it’s not a mystery. I’ve been working my ass off getting ready for the three fiber shows I’m doing this month. Ok, not literally. I mean, my ass is still there. But I have been working very hard. So you’d better appreciate it. (Um, maybe I should take a break before I get too cranky and obnoxious. Right.)

So…who’s reading this from Indiana besides my relatives? (Hi, Aunt Jan!) I’ll be in Indiana for the next three weekends, so come see me and buy stuff. Here’s my schedule for April:

April 15-16
The Fiber Event at Greencastle
Booth FA28
Putnam County Fairgrounds
Greencastle, IN

April 22-23
NorthEast Indiana Fiber Festival
Noble County Fairgrounds
Kendallville, IN

April 30-May 1
Indiana Fiber and Music Festival
Clark County 4H Fairgrounds
Charlestown, IN

I’m looking forward to doing the shows, even if all the work leading up to them is exhausting. I’ve accepted the fact that I’m not going to get as much done as I want ahead of time, and that will be ok, because I’ve really got an astounding amount of stuff done. It never ends.

And now…excuse me while I go collapse in a heap. I know there was other stuff I was going to write about, but I’m too brain dead to remember what it was.