Ok, so it's not that I've been absent from the internet.  I've just found Twitter way more addicting than I anticipated.  And then I created a Facebook page for Fairy Yarnmother, only to discover I couldn't only put up a business page; I also had to have a personal account.  And that's been way more addicting than I anticipated as well.  So if you want to see what I'm up to more frequently, I'm on Twitter and Facebook way more often than I can manage to post here.  Maybe it's because I always have 12,000 things I want to tell you, and that seems overwhelming.  So I think I'll put it off until I have time to write, and then it's 12,014 things.  But then I put it off some more and forget half the things I was going to tell you.  Oops.  Well, maybe it wasn't important.

Anyway, I've been on vacation and I've been dyeing up a storm.  Last week it was bfl top.  This week it's sock yarn.  One of my facebook friends asked for pics last week.  I'll put them up here as well, since my getting around to taking pictures seems to be a rare event.

Here's me looking dorky/scary but I'm protecting my lungs from the dye powder.


Here's some bfl top in the dyepot, aka turkey roaster.


And some other top soaking in the laundry tub for a rinse.


Some of the top hanging to dry.

Hanging to dry

And since I just happened to have the camera in hand when I spied Miss Roxanne behind the couch…

Roxanne behind the couch

Isn't she beautiful?

Now I need to get back to work.  While yarn is cooking and soaking I need to work on the new site.


  1. Marcy

    I refuse to give in to Twitter. I don’t like Facebook, My Space, any of those types of things. I gave in on ipods, cell phones, laptops, etc. I refuse to give in anymore.
    The fiber looks so yummy. Good luck with your new store.

  2. Ankles and Silver

    Those hand dyed fibers are fantastic!
    I am getting ready to start dying again, but I dye fabric instead of fiber. I also get to do it outside and skip the mask. I have to be careful to get the powder measured early in the day before the SF bay wind picks up too much!
    Miss Roxanne looks oh so comfy in her space behind the sofa.

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