Huzzah! I met my goal! And you can still contribute!

Have you been following The Happy Fuzzy Yarn Local Wool Project? If you have, you know I met and exceeded my goal! There’s still time to contribute though (16 hours as of this writing), and how much money I raise in the end will determine whether I can have a wool/silk blend done in addition to the wool/alpaca blend that’s a definite go. In other words, if you really want a wool/silk blend done, contribute now! Or just take pity on poor Patricia, who contributed even though she’s allergic to alpaca, and contribute so she can have yarn she can touch!

In any case, I’m washing fleeces like there’s no tomorrow! This is a fleece soaking in its first wash.

Yes, it’s actually a white fleece. That’s how dirty the water is from all the lanolin, dirt, dust, sweat, etc. Sheep are adorable, but they’re filthy. Many a new spinner has bought a fleece because they liked the color, and then washed it and found it wasn’t that color at all! I’m planning to make a video of how I wash my fleeces once I have a bit more time.

Ok, I’ve got a lot of fleeces to wash…