I am grateful

It’s Thanksgiving Day here in the US, so I decided to write a list of things I’m grateful for.

  1. My sweet and adorable boyfriend, a genuinely nice guy. Thanks, Rob!
  2. Everyone who has ever bought anything from me. Thanks for allowing me to do this thing I love. To thank you, I’m giving you 10% off in my shop through the end of the month. Just use the code THANKS10 when you check out.
  3. Wool.
  4. All the sheep.
  5. The shepherds.
  6. Everyone who’s given me really helpful advice and food for thought. Havi and Selma, Naomi, Johnny, Lee, Tara, and so many others.
  7. My friends.
  8. My rabbits.
  9. All the rabbits.
  10. The roof over my head.
  11. Clean water.
  12. Fiber shows.
  13. Public transportation.
  14. Falafel.
  15. Hummus.
  16. Tabbouleh.
  17. The ease with which I can find really good vegan food in this town.
  18. Every migraine-free day.
  19. My stubbornness.
  20. Vegan carob chip cookies.
  21. The chipmunks who hang out on my porch in warmer months. So cute!
  22. The Zen Buddhist Temple.
  23. The internet, which has made so much possible that just wasn’t possible before.
  24. Garlic.
  25. Ginger.
  26. Cinnamon.
  27. Trees.
  28. Rivers.
  29. Birds.
  30. Turtles.
  31. Kangaroos, and the opportunity I had to pet one last week. Her name was Tulip, and she was very sweet.
  32. The Ann Arbor District Library, which has cool events like the one where I got to pet Tulip.
  33. All the books and DVDs I can get from the library.
  34. Rain.
  35. Sunshine.
  36. Sunglasses.
  37. Glasses in general. It’s really nice to be able to see.
  38. My health. I may feel like hell when I have a migraine, but overall, I’m pretty healthy.
  39. Books.
  40. Knitting.
  41. Whoever first figured out knitting.
  42. Starry skies.
  43. Thrift stores.
  44. My computer.
  45. WordPress.
  46. Etsy.
  47. My knitting machine.
  48. Diana Sullivan’s videos on YouTube, which helped me make friends with my knitting machine.
  49. Korean hot pepper paste.
  50. Tetley decaf tea.
  51. Spinning.
  52. My spinning wheel.
  53. Color.
  54. Salsa.
  55. My ability to make pretty things.
  56. Hyperbole and a Half.
  57. Naps.
  58. Spinners Flock.
  59. The Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild.
  60. My furnace.
  61. Chickpeas.
  62. Chana masala.
  63. My comfort with being myself.
  64. Butterflies.
  65. Hummingbirds.
  66. My garden.
  67. Bees.
  68. They Might Be Giants.
  69. Squirrel Nut Zippers.
  70. Indoor plumbing.
  71. Baked potatoes.
  72. Kale.
  73. Long underwear.
  74. Wool clogs.
  75. Ravelry.
  76. Everyone who’s read this far!

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! What are you grateful for?

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  1. Melissa Dinwiddie

    Great list! I resonate with a lot of your items, especially #18 – every migraine-free day.


    Happy Thanksgiving!

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