I am thankful

A while ago Jennifer suggested writing a gratitude list with at least 100 things you’re grateful for.  I liked that idea, so here, now on Thanksgiving, is my list.

I am thankful…

  1. that I have a roof over my head.
  2. that I have clean running water.
  3. that I have a working furnace.
  4. that I have a working water heater.
  5. that I have electricity.
  6. that I was able to afford a computer.
  7. that I can afford DSL.
  8. that I have a job.
  9. that I actually like my job.
  10. that I have good health insurance.
  11. that I live in a city with good public transportation so I’m able to maintain my car-free lifestyle.
  12. that my depression isn’t as bad as it was in the past.
  13. that I enjoy cooking more since I went vegan.
  14. that I have a garden again.
  15. for how well my garden did for its first year.
  16. for the anticipation of how much better it will be next year.
  17. that I’ve been able to meet lots of my new neighbors while working in my garden.  It gives me a sense of community.
  18. that I’ve been able to eat vegetables I grew myself.
  19. that people buy yarn and fiber that I dyed.  You like me!  You really like me!
  20. that I have the creative skills to do things that nourish my soul.
  21. that I can knit things to keep myself warm.
  22. that I finally finished my “never-ending” sweater!
  23. for alpacas.
  24. for good friends.
  25. that I feel safe.
  26. to the people who helped me get that way.
  27. that I know I don’t need a lot of material things to be happy.
  28. for the peace that comes with solitude.
  29. that I can afford to live alone.
  30. that I know my strengths and weaknesses.
  31. for my sweet bunny.
  32. for bunnies everywhere.
  33. for tomatoes.
  34. for every day that I don’t have a migraine.
  35. that my last set of botox injections actually helped, and I’m actually having many pain-free days now, and a lot of the migraines I do have aren’t as severe as before and don’t last as long.
  36. for the amazingly adorable chipmunks that hang out on my back porch.  So cute!
  37. for Cast-On and Lime & Violet to keep me company while I wind skeins and dye.
  38. for trees.
  39. for rivers.
  40. for color.
  41. that I get on the bus early enough on the route that I almost always get a seat.
  42. for the beauty in the world.
  43. for kind people.
  44. that Barack Obama won the election.
  45. that I now have hope this country will become a better place.
  46. that I finally learned, at age 43, that everything I’d been taught my whole life about taking care of my hair was actually how to take care of straight hair, and now that I know how to take care of curly hair, my hair is so much curlier!
  47. for my curly hair.
  48. that I can walk.
  49. that spelling comes naturally to me.
  50. for garlic.
  51. for sheep.
  52. for the clever person, many many years ago, who first thought to pull loops of string through other loops of string with pointy sticks and make fabric.
  53. for my spinning wheel.
  54. to everyone who gave me money for my birthday the year I went around saying, “I want to buy a spinning wheel.  I want to buy a spinning wheel.  I want to buy a spinning wheel” for three weeks straight.
  55. to Beth and David Pennington, who taught me to spin.
  56. for plums.
  57. for grapes.
  58. for raspberries.
  59. for Asian pears.
  60. for persimmons, which I never had until this month!  What an unusual flavor!  Delicious!
  61. for hummus.
  62. for falafel.
  63. for moo shu vegetables.
  64. for my favorite comics.
  65. that Andy Weir is writing again.
  66. that after looking for about four years, I finally found a pair of winter boots that keep my feet warm, are comfortable to walk in, aren’t made of leather, are easy to get on and off, were affordable, and are actually cute.  (This is what I got, but I’d try to find someone else selling them if you want to get a pair — this company had really bad customer service.)
  67. for the hummingbirds I saw in my garden this summer.
  68. for butterflies.
  69. for all of the great art I see just walking around town during my daily routine.
  70. that I live in a city where art flourishes.
  71. for artists everywhere.
  72. for the Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop, which has really good, nearly new clothes really cheap, is clean and well lit, has fitting rooms, and even plays good music!
  73. for music.
  74. for vegan carob chips.
  75. for Cibo Naturals sun-dried tomato pesto. (I just discovered it this week.  Yum!)
  76. that I don’t have food allergies.
  77. for eggplant.
  78. for bell peppers.
  79. for zucchini.
  80. for yoga.
  81. for my yoga instructor.
  82. for Tetley decaffeinated black tea.
  83. for my love of learning.
  84. for all the fascinating health information that just appears right in front of me at my job in a medical library.  I’ve had the opportunity to learn so much, it’s wonderful.
  85. for good bread.
  86. for direct deposit.
  87. for automatic electronic bill payment.  Man, that makes life so much easier.
  88. for the bottle of old marbles in my kitchen window.  They’re so beautiful with the light shining through them.
  89. for turtles.
  90. for dragonflies.
  91. for frogs.
  92. for bees.
  93. for the cute little snakies that visited my garden.
  94. for the three deer I saw one magical morning waiting at the bus stop.
  95. for the hawk that landed on my deck railing just as I was looking out my kitchen window staring right at that spot.
  96. for all the birds.
  97. for my birdbath.
  98. for red twig dogwoods.
  99. for perennials.
  100. that I have reached a point in my life that, while my life is not perfect, I feel more gratitude for the things that are good in my life.  The glass is half full now, and the water tastes good.

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  1. Jeanne B.

    Great list. I had no idea you were that close geographically (I’m just south of Toledo). Ann Arbor is a cool town!

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